Friday, May 24, 2013

memorial day

Never ever ever did I think I would marry a military man. Living in San Diego, I was adamant against dating anyone in the military. Most of the guys I met were douche bags not my type. And then I met Matt at In Cahoots and he won me over with his good looks and charm. DAH! And as soon as we got semi-serious I specifically said I would not move....5 months later I was packing up a U-Haul headed for Washington, DC! DAH! And now...a dog, a baby, and 5 years under our belt, I could not be happier. Do I love being a military wife? No, not always. But most of the time I do. Sometimes I hate the moving around, and sometimes I think it is a lot of fun. It definitely keeps us on our toes. My hope is that Charlotte learns to love being a Navy brat. It won't be easy for her, especially when it comes to making friends every time we move. But hopefully she will be outgoing and see the positives: she gets to live all over the country!

I think I somehow got off on a tangent purpose of this post was to thank all those who serve. My hubby, all his wonderful friends (our second family), their amazing and supportive wives (ladies I could not do this without you!!), and all those service members out there we have never met. Thank you. It's not easy. It's a birthday away from home. A Christmas without a spouse. A phone call dropped when you haven't heard from someone in a month. Sporadic communication. Worrying nonstop. Being homesick. But it's a job with a purpose. Protecting our country. Defending our freedom. It's definitely not easy. Thank you.

And now for some pictures of my man in uniform! ;)
LOVE the whites!!!

So cute!

our first deployment - goodbye

sure was bright out there

gotta do the dip kiss right?!



Cuddling Miss Charlotte

kisses from Daddy

Can't believe she was ever this small

Enjoy your long weekend everyone!! Stay safe and remember why we have this extra day off! :)

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