Monday, May 20, 2013

weekend at Nana's!

Three weeks ago we spent the weekend at my Mom's. Because she lives so close (only a 3 hour drive), we can see each other more often. I love it and know I will really miss it when we move. And I was supposed to get my butt in gear and post the recap and photos weeks ago, but well, life got in the way. 

While we were visiting, my Mom's friend Jane was nice enough to spend the afternoon with us and take some photos. There were so many good ones it was hard to choose which ones to post.....

standing girl! 
"want my toy?"

ooo bubbles!!!

"I'm gonna get it!"

Nana and Charlotte. love

Then we headed to the pool since it was sooo hot outside!! And while Charlotte napped in the stroller, Mommy and Daddy got to swim together. Matt was helping to improve my swimming skills (which needed quite a bit of help)!

wow. that's pretty hot.
family photo

"give me those sunglasses!"
not too sure about the pool.

daddy finally got some smiles!

looks like it's time to leave!

And on Sunday we went to the Canine Cancer Walk.....

relaxing in the shade

a bunch of Goldens, and Harley. 

Matt and I also managed to sneak in a little date while Nana babysat! We went to the movies, the first one together since Charlotte was born! It was wonderful :)

Not too sure about the kitten. She knows what dogs are but was so confused
about the cat! She tried to "pet" and got the cat's entire head instead. haha

Papa Ryan and Storm

Harley was obsessed!!! He wanted to take it home but Matt said NO WAY!

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