Saturday, June 22, 2013

new obsession

I read all sorts of books....murder mysteries, thrillers (as long as they aren't too scary), cheesy (but not too cheesy) romance novels, and now historical fiction. I am up for almost anything. If someone recommends a good book, I add it to my "books" note in my phone and hope to read it later. Only occasionally do I run across a dud (Little Bee UGH!). But somehow, no matter what, I usually stick it out. I guess I hope it will get better. Usually it does. Occasionally I wonder how I could have possibly wasted that much time on a book, but either way I am expanding my vocabulary right?'s the historical fiction. My best east coast friend and fellow Mama Meredith told me about the author Michelle Moran and all her books. I googled, read the reviews and decided to spend my Matt's hard earned money on one of her books.  Yeah, I have now read ALL of her books. I am obsessed!! All of Michelle Moran's books were awesome....ok all but one. Honestly, Madame Tussaud....terrible. If you are interested in the French Revolution and have been to one of the famous wax museums then it may be of interest to you, but for me it was slow. Terribly terribly slow. It took all I had to finish it. Sorry, this is supposed to be about her GOOD books. All the others, I promise you, are fabulous! I even lent one, Nefertiti, to my SIL and she was asking for more! Unfortunately only certain books are "lendable", and it's few and far between. DAH!

These books, they take you back. I imagine myself in Rome, wearing the toga and beautiful sandals. Or in a palace in France, dining with Napoleon  And the best part, which keeps me thinking about these books long after I finish them, is that the majority of the events actually happened! It fascinates me. Picturing how they lived and what they wore. I really wasn't sure I was going to like historical fiction but I am sold. And my next set of books I will be conquering, those by Philippa Gregory! She has quite a few books, so they should keep me busy for a while.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

happy father's day

Happy 1st Father's Day!

Dearest Daddy,

When Mommy woke me up this morning she said it was "Daddy Day". I was a tad confused, so she told me it was just like the "Mommy Day" we had a few weeks ago when Grandma and Grandpa were here. I remember that, it was fun. But I got to thinking, when is it "baby day"? You get a day, Mommy gets a day, when is my day? Turns out EVERY day is my day! How super duper awesome is that? Anyways, back to you and your day.....

I thought since it is your very first Daddy day I should send you a special note. I love you! You are a wonderful Daddy! The very very best (don't worry, I asked around and it's true). Every morning when I wake up, you are there to greet me and give me kisses. I pretend not to like them, and usually bury my head in Mommy's shirt, but I think they are great! Which is why I always giggle and squeal for more. You give the best kisses! But my favorite time of the day is bath time, it's our special one on one time. We get to talk about your day at school and I can tell you all about my play time around the house. It's really fun and I always hate it when it's time to get out. But then you hold me in your arms and rock me to sleep. I love cuddling with you!

Thanks for being my Daddy. I am the luckiest little girl in the whole wide world. And don't you worry, I never plan on getting married or moving out. No guy could ever compare to you!


p.s. Harley says he loves you too! He especially loves it when you wrestle with him, and give him treats when Mommy isn't looking. 

first father's day

both kids

We started the day off with a few gifts! Since Matt is so fond of Christmas, I thought some festive wrapping paper would be nice. Plus we have a ton of it lying around the house! 

she wanted to help Daddy open his presents

 traditional father's day gift...

and something a little more special...

These pictures were taken a few months back and I have been hiding them ever since. 
Matt's mom edited them for me (thank you!) and the kids and I created the little art work in the middle. A footprint of each of them, Harley and Charlotte, to create a "d" for Dad! :)

out to breakfast

come here Daddy!!
Happy 1st Father's day! Love you babe!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

visits with family...

a little recap of all our recent time with photos. Sorry, some of these photos may be repeats!

First up, a visit from Matt's parents. They came all the way out from Florida and spent a whole week with us! We spent a day in the San Francisco area, hiked at Point Lobos and Big Sur, and had a wonderful Mother's Day breakfast. 

view of the golden gate bridge at lunch

hiking Muir Woods

chilling in the backpack

say cheese!


hiking Point Lobos - one of our favorite spots!

there are a bunch of seals on the rocks out there!

a hungry little squirrel who was begging from Matt! 

Mother's Day photo shoot

one of my favorite pictures!!

spending time with Grandpa!

A few weeks later my Mom came down for a visit. We went on a hike, enjoyed a lovely lunch with a view, and then headed to San Fran to see the Giants play!

Nana won Charlotte a giant stuffed dog!! OH BOY!

Harley was NOT thrilled, he thought he was being replaced. 

Out for a hike

sign near our lunch spot! Ugh oh! Better watch out for those waves!

beautiful day

lunch with a view

at the game!

having a great time at her first baseball game

silly girl
mid game snooze

playing in the hotel room  
my Momma and me!

And in the beginning of June Grandma Rachel & GGMA came to visit us. We went out to dinner for Grandma Rachel's birthday, went to the beach on the one warm day we had, and then stayed home all day in our pjs when it was cloudy out. It was a really fun weekend.

out to dinner for Grandma Rachel's birthday

hanging out with family

enjoying a beautiful day at the beach!

Harley had an amazing time!!

ooo sand!

naked baby getting ready for her bath!
 This is why I love living in Monterey so much....being able to see family more often! My family is able to drive and see us every few weeks, which is great for Charlotte. Sadly, Matt's side is too far for that, but knowing the military, I am sure we will be living on the east coast before we know it. And then we will be spending quality time with the Clutes!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

happy 9 months Charlotte!!


Today you are nine months old! You have been out in the world for almost as long as you were in my belly (born at 41 weeks, which is 6/22/13)!! 

doing lots of talking while standing up

mmm leaves

oh look, more leaves to eat!

So much has changed. You now weigh in at 20lbs 8oz and are 28.5" long. Your head is 45 cm, and all stats put you in the 75th percentile. Perfectly average. You will be in 12 months clothes any day now. I am amazed every single day by how quickly you learn something and how much mischief you can get into now! If I turn my back for a second you are half way across the room taking books out of baskets or throwing shoes around the room. 

getting into the books!

Needless to say, we just ordered a baby cage to keep you away from the electronics and fireplace, or to coral you when needed. So far you don't seem to hate it. Yay!

the new living room

One of the cutest things you started doing this month was going from a crawling position to sitting. The reason it is so cute: you put your butt into it. You start on your tummy, go into a downward dog  and then reverse until your tushy is on the floor. Sometimes when you go to sit, there is a toy in the way, and you just sit right on top of it. Then you try and get the toy but can't figure out why it is stuck! So cute!!

Here you are crawling around, throwing toys, and doing lots of talking.

you backed up to sit down and ended up right next to Harley! 

And boy are you demanding lately! There is no more solo play time. You want Mommy or Daddy to play with you at all times. Nap time is now the only time Mommy gets any chores done.

play with me Mommy!!

Your big accomplishment of the month: Pulling yourself up!! Grandma Rachel and GGMA were visiting when it happened and we were all surprised! You were playing with Dada on the floor and BAM, you stood up!! 

look at me I'm standing!!!

 And now you do it all the time. You use the coffee table, the couch, your toys. Anything and everything. And once you get up, your little hands go a mile a minute trying to grab something new and exciting to play with! I have to be careful about when I leave on the coffee table now. 

getting into trouble!

My not so favorite "new" thing this have started demanding to eat. From me. In public. By pulling down my shirt. Or sticking your head in my chest and motor-boating me. LOL. It's pretty funny until you start to get upset while we are out and about (usually in the checkout line). It's great that you figured out where your food comes from, but I wish you understood waiting. 

yay boobie!!!

Grandma & Grandpa Clute came for a visit this month too. They stayed for a whole week! We went on a few little hikes, drove to Sausalito, and went out for Mother's Day brunch. You sure changed a lot since the last time Grandpa saw you at only two weeks old.

mid sneeze

checking out Muir Woods

Point Lobos

Here we are on Mother's Day....

happy girl!!

Another first: your first baseball game. Over Memorial Day weekend we went to San Francisco with Auntie Sara and Nana and got to see the Giants play....and WIN!! We dressed you in black and orange, and I bought a special hair bow for the game. I didn't want everyone to think you were a boy! 

haha it looks like you have a full head of hair!!!

the view of the stadium!

Your first bike ride!!
on the beach cruiser!

We actually had to return this bike seat since it doesn't work well with Mommy's regular bike. You now sit in the back. You seem happy either way!

post nap play time with H

And I just had to add this adorable photo. You and your twinsie, Miss Molly, who went to stroller strides with us...

You are becoming such a big girl!! Curious and funny with a mind of your own. You keep us entertained and on our toes. We love you sooo much Charlotte!!

Mommy & Daddy