Sunday, June 16, 2013

happy father's day

Happy 1st Father's Day!

Dearest Daddy,

When Mommy woke me up this morning she said it was "Daddy Day". I was a tad confused, so she told me it was just like the "Mommy Day" we had a few weeks ago when Grandma and Grandpa were here. I remember that, it was fun. But I got to thinking, when is it "baby day"? You get a day, Mommy gets a day, when is my day? Turns out EVERY day is my day! How super duper awesome is that? Anyways, back to you and your day.....

I thought since it is your very first Daddy day I should send you a special note. I love you! You are a wonderful Daddy! The very very best (don't worry, I asked around and it's true). Every morning when I wake up, you are there to greet me and give me kisses. I pretend not to like them, and usually bury my head in Mommy's shirt, but I think they are great! Which is why I always giggle and squeal for more. You give the best kisses! But my favorite time of the day is bath time, it's our special one on one time. We get to talk about your day at school and I can tell you all about my play time around the house. It's really fun and I always hate it when it's time to get out. But then you hold me in your arms and rock me to sleep. I love cuddling with you!

Thanks for being my Daddy. I am the luckiest little girl in the whole wide world. And don't you worry, I never plan on getting married or moving out. No guy could ever compare to you!


p.s. Harley says he loves you too! He especially loves it when you wrestle with him, and give him treats when Mommy isn't looking. 

first father's day

both kids

We started the day off with a few gifts! Since Matt is so fond of Christmas, I thought some festive wrapping paper would be nice. Plus we have a ton of it lying around the house! 

she wanted to help Daddy open his presents

 traditional father's day gift...

and something a little more special...

These pictures were taken a few months back and I have been hiding them ever since. 
Matt's mom edited them for me (thank you!) and the kids and I created the little art work in the middle. A footprint of each of them, Harley and Charlotte, to create a "d" for Dad! :)

out to breakfast

come here Daddy!!
Happy 1st Father's day! Love you babe!!

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