Saturday, June 22, 2013

new obsession

I read all sorts of books....murder mysteries, thrillers (as long as they aren't too scary), cheesy (but not too cheesy) romance novels, and now historical fiction. I am up for almost anything. If someone recommends a good book, I add it to my "books" note in my phone and hope to read it later. Only occasionally do I run across a dud (Little Bee UGH!). But somehow, no matter what, I usually stick it out. I guess I hope it will get better. Usually it does. Occasionally I wonder how I could have possibly wasted that much time on a book, but either way I am expanding my vocabulary right?'s the historical fiction. My best east coast friend and fellow Mama Meredith told me about the author Michelle Moran and all her books. I googled, read the reviews and decided to spend my Matt's hard earned money on one of her books.  Yeah, I have now read ALL of her books. I am obsessed!! All of Michelle Moran's books were awesome....ok all but one. Honestly, Madame Tussaud....terrible. If you are interested in the French Revolution and have been to one of the famous wax museums then it may be of interest to you, but for me it was slow. Terribly terribly slow. It took all I had to finish it. Sorry, this is supposed to be about her GOOD books. All the others, I promise you, are fabulous! I even lent one, Nefertiti, to my SIL and she was asking for more! Unfortunately only certain books are "lendable", and it's few and far between. DAH!

These books, they take you back. I imagine myself in Rome, wearing the toga and beautiful sandals. Or in a palace in France, dining with Napoleon  And the best part, which keeps me thinking about these books long after I finish them, is that the majority of the events actually happened! It fascinates me. Picturing how they lived and what they wore. I really wasn't sure I was going to like historical fiction but I am sold. And my next set of books I will be conquering, those by Philippa Gregory! She has quite a few books, so they should keep me busy for a while.

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