Tuesday, June 4, 2013

transitioning to solids

Back in February we gave Charlotte her first taste of solid food. It was so adorable, a new experience for her and a new one for us too. And since I am a SAHM, it was easy for me to whip up a few purees and freeze them. In fact, it was fun. I was excited about all the different things I could make her, hoping she would love them all! Well, she didn't love them all. Peas?? Yea, no way! 

Overall, the process of transitioning her to solids is getting easier as time goes on. At first I could barely get her interested in dinner, and now she loves eating dinner and is getting used to breakfast and snacks. She still nurses too close to breakfast time to really eat a full meal of solid food. When I eat my breakfast, I try and share with her. She LOVES bananas, so I usually give her a few pieces of that. And if I am ever snacking on something I think she will like, I give her a few nibbles. I think she prefers the big kid food over the purees, makes her feel more grown up! ;) 

I figured that by 9 months Charlotte would be on two full meals a day, supplementing those with breast milk and snacks. But my baby girl just loves her breast milk!! And honestly, I'm not as pushy and consistent as I could be. I like the flexibility that breastfeeding provides. I never have to worry about leaving to run an errand and her getting hungry. Or bringing food and snacks with me on the go. I am the snack machine. haha. And I really don't mind breastfeeding her, except when we are visiting family and leaving for a few hours means either pumping or not being gone too long. We will get there soon enough. And then I will be writing a post about how much I miss breastfeeding her!!

enjoying her favorite big kid food....bread! Just like her Auntie Sara....ok and her Mommy!!

Here is the list of foods (mostly purees) Charlotte has tried so far....

Bananas - this was her first and favorite so far
Avocado - hated it! But when I added bananas to it, it was a success
Yams/Sweet Potatoes - love
Carrots - love
Peas - hated. With a passion. So I added to it...
Green Beans/Pears/Peas - success
Pears - like
Apples - like
Butternut Squash - love
Asparagus - whole - she nibbled on this and seemed to enjoy it
Egg - yolk only. Not a huge fan. Going to keep trying this
Broccoli/Pears - in the freezer waiting to be tried!! 

I get my mixture ideas from the Plum Organics baby food. I have received a few free samples, and when Charlotte likes them, I just make some more myself. Saves me a bundle of money. I love the packages Plum uses, and the portions are perfect, but they sure are expensive! 

Speaking of packaging. I got these little tupperware containers from Buy Buy Baby.

I love them. They are great for storing baby food, I can let them defrost in the fridge overnight, and they are easy to travel with. Plus, it is the exact amount Charlotte will eat at dinner!! But they were $10 for the 6 little cups, so I just recently started using ice cube trays. I put the pureed baby food in the ice cube tray, put it in the freezer for 24 hours, then pop them out and store them in zip lock bags until I am ready to use them! I will probably use two cubes for dinner. 

broccoli with pears, and butternut squash!

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