Wednesday, June 12, 2013

visits with family...

a little recap of all our recent time with photos. Sorry, some of these photos may be repeats!

First up, a visit from Matt's parents. They came all the way out from Florida and spent a whole week with us! We spent a day in the San Francisco area, hiked at Point Lobos and Big Sur, and had a wonderful Mother's Day breakfast. 

view of the golden gate bridge at lunch

hiking Muir Woods

chilling in the backpack

say cheese!


hiking Point Lobos - one of our favorite spots!

there are a bunch of seals on the rocks out there!

a hungry little squirrel who was begging from Matt! 

Mother's Day photo shoot

one of my favorite pictures!!

spending time with Grandpa!

A few weeks later my Mom came down for a visit. We went on a hike, enjoyed a lovely lunch with a view, and then headed to San Fran to see the Giants play!

Nana won Charlotte a giant stuffed dog!! OH BOY!

Harley was NOT thrilled, he thought he was being replaced. 

Out for a hike

sign near our lunch spot! Ugh oh! Better watch out for those waves!

beautiful day

lunch with a view

at the game!

having a great time at her first baseball game

silly girl
mid game snooze

playing in the hotel room  
my Momma and me!

And in the beginning of June Grandma Rachel & GGMA came to visit us. We went out to dinner for Grandma Rachel's birthday, went to the beach on the one warm day we had, and then stayed home all day in our pjs when it was cloudy out. It was a really fun weekend.

out to dinner for Grandma Rachel's birthday

hanging out with family

enjoying a beautiful day at the beach!

Harley had an amazing time!!

ooo sand!

naked baby getting ready for her bath!
 This is why I love living in Monterey so much....being able to see family more often! My family is able to drive and see us every few weeks, which is great for Charlotte. Sadly, Matt's side is too far for that, but knowing the military, I am sure we will be living on the east coast before we know it. And then we will be spending quality time with the Clutes!

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