Tuesday, July 9, 2013

happy 10 months Charlotte


About two weeks ago I was thinking about this blog post and I got worried that I wouldn't have much to write about. No big milestones; just getting smarter and cuter by the day. But then you blossomed and started doing all sorts of new tricks. You amaze me every single day. I never know what to expect, which keeps me on my toes! 

You weigh in at approximately 21 lbs and are 29.25 inches long. I tried really hard to get a photo of you next to Harley for comparison, but this is the best I could do. You are all over the place now and refuse to stay still!

 C : "I'm outta here H....you coming??"  H :"ummm Mom said to stay..."

One of your big milestones this month was getting your two top teeth!! You were a champ and barely complained at all. And thankfully they came through before our long flight to DC. Traveling + teething = no fun. You can see your new chompers in this picture.

They look pretty dangerous, and I would appreciate it if you kept those to yourself....no biting the Mommy!! :) So far you have nibbled a few times. Nothing serious. But no matter how many times I tell you "No", you still think it's funny. Good thing I love you so much!

And with those new teeth means an increased interest in big girl food. You are willing to try almost anything, at least twice. You LOVED Cheetos puffs (thanks Uncle Peter for introducing these!)....

But you HATED ketchup! You made the funniest face when we let you taste it, then started shaking your head. haha. You have also tried chicken and bread and carrots and almost anything else Mommy feeds you. We now share all meals. If I make oatmeal and bananas I make sure to set some aside for you. I think bananas are your all time favorite food. And you are now able to pick up the food and put it into your mouth!! You are becoming so independent. Such a big girl.

You have also started to cruise furniture while standing, and use your knees when you crawl. You are able to get around much faster now. Including climbing the stairs, which is your new favorite activity. Exciting for you, more work for me. 

let me through!!
very serious play time
Here you are trying to play with a very frightened Harley, and then showing off the new buzzing noise Uncle Jim taught you!

You also learned to clap your hands, wave, and "cluck" (the noise all Grandma's make when they see you). You are such a great mimicker! In fact, yesterday when I walked out of the bedroom I saw a big spider and yelled "AHHHH", you promptly yelled "AHHHH" in return. haha. I am hoping that by this time next month you will have learned to return a few signs to me. I am also starting to teach you to blow kisses. That will be the cutest thing ever!!

waving while flossing with a twig.


This month was a fun one for travels and spending time with family. First up was Father's Day with just the three of us at home.

Here you are playing with Harley on Father's Day! So cute!!

Then we went on two family vacations. We spent a week at Donner Lake with Nana, Auntie Sara, Uncle Peter, Aunt Kathy and all our dogs!! It was a wonderful relaxing trip!

enjoying the warm weather on the dock
view from the lookout point!

Then we hopped on a plane and flew out to DC to visit Uncle Jim, Aunt Jenny, Uncle Mike, and Aunt Nikki. Bonus: Grandma flew up from Florida to see you too! It was a long overdue visit.

looking festive on the 4th of July
motor boating me while we were trying to take family pictures!

I really can't believe all the new things you learned in just a few short weeks. Before I know it you will be walking and running and I will be chasing you all over the place. You are so smart and funny. The most beautiful little girl ever. We love you so much! 

Mommy and Daddy

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