Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Vaca week 1: Donner Lake

Every year since I was about 10 my family took a trip to Donner Lake during the summer. We rented a cabin near the lake and spent a week swimming and shopping and relaxing. It had been quite a while since I had been up there (5+ years), and when we found out Matt had two weeks of summer vacation, I immediately thought of Donner. With my Mom, Sara, Peter, and Aunt Kathy on board, we reserved our favorite cabin, loaded up the cars, and even brought along the dogs. It was a full house and a lot of fun. 

our cabin. love.
the whole crew....minus Miss Lily

The first two days of our trip were spent inside. It was rainy and cold, very un-summer like weather. We did a couple of puzzles, watched movies, and played some beer pong. It was still fun and I'm glad the bad weather was at the beginning of the trip rather than the end. 

let me outta here!!!
Auntie K playing some beer pong
Wednesday was our first beautiful day, and Matt's birthday! We decided it was the perfect day for our bike ride. We rode along the Truckee river into Lake Tahoe, where we stopped to have a little snack and a drink. It was beautiful outside!!

Lake Tahoe.................................................................Truckee Rive (notice C asleep in the back)
having our snack!

view of Lake Tahoe on the beautiful day

trying clam chowder and LOVING it!!

Thursday was a hang around the house and enjoy our surroundings kind of day. Matt, Sara, and Peter ventured out for a hike, but the rest of us just laid low. 

who is this handsome devil??

I spent my day with this beauty....playing with rocks and the dog bowl!

We also enjoyed kayaking, music, and jumping in the lake!

Friday was a really fun day.....rafting down the Truckee river. This was something we did every single year while I was growing up and I was dying to do it again. Man was it fun! My friend from high school, Jenn, went with us too. We spent 7 hours (seriously not sure how it took us that long) rafting and drinking and having the time of our lives! 

Matt's impression of Sara haha

Charlotte stayed behind and got to spend the day with Nana.
splashing in the water...brrrr!

giving Lily her dental exam

Saturday was our last full day. In the morning Matt and I went on a bike ride all around the lake, what a workout! Jenn came by and we did a little paddle-boarding with Charlotte. She did great!! And wow is that paddle-boarding hard work! 

got our life jacket on!

Harley hopped on with Sara but got really freaked out. He had to swim ashore.

And because it was our last day, Sara and I decided we should jump in the lake! It was soo cold....at first...then it wasn't so bad.

We also took some great family photos that day (thanks Jane and Elena!)

And of course there was music and singing...

and lots and lots of swimming

And on Sunday, while my handsome hubby and adorable kiddos slept in, I watched the sunrise with my Mom....

It was a fabulous trip. My only gripe: wish it could have been longer!! Hopefully we will see you again soon Donner Lake!!

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Meredith said...

SUCH great pics!!!! Looks like an awesome vaca!!