Wednesday, September 18, 2013

craft day: cupcake liner wreath!

Since the holidays are coming up, I thought I would do a crafty post about the cupcake liner wreath I made for Charlotte's birthday party. It is easy, fun and can be done for any holiday. Since Charlotte's name and our last name both start with a C, I knew I would be able to use the wreath long after the party. Probably Easter considering the colors I chose were pink and aqua.

So, lets get started. You will need a foam wreath (I got mine from Michaels), 200-300 cupcake liners, and 200+ t-pins. When I was looking around the internet, the quantities varied. It will all depend on how big your foam wreath is. I cut my foam form into the C shape.

Step 1: Prep the cupcake liners. Invert the liner, fold it in half, then accordion style (3 folds). That will help give it the full, fanned out look.  I tried just inverting it and then pinning and I wasn't happy with the look. Note: I enlisted Matt's help with this part. haha.

Step 2: pin them on to the wreath form. I choose to do a stripe style, but if you buy multiple colored liners, just be sure to mix them up as you pin. At first I was only going to do the front since nobody would see the back, but I ended up with extra liners and free time (also known as nap time) so I finished it up. 

Step 3: Before I got to the top, I added in a ribbon to hang it. I secured the liners on top of the ribbon to hold it in place. 

That's it, you're done!! Beautiful!! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

One Year Photos!

Charlotte's one year photos are finally here! They came out so good! We could not be more pleased.....a 180 from her newborn photos. In fact, there were so many good ones I spent hours trying to figure out which ones to purchase and ended up caving and buying the rights to all of them. I know I won't be able to frame them all, probably only get 3 up in the house, but I just want to have them. As Matt says, pictures are just my thing. And I think it is time for a blog redesign so I can add these beauties into the header!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Charlotte's 1st birthday party!!

After a month of planning and crafting, and a whole day baking cake pops, the day finally arrived....Charlotte's 1st birthday party! The party could not have gone better, I only wish it would have lasted longer. We blinked and it was over, sorta like our wedding. And almost the same size as our wedding....32 adults and 18 kids! And Charlotte did great. She only had a 45 minute nap that morning and somehow lasted the entire time without having a breakdown. It was the perfect day!

all dressed and waiting for her guests

Charlotte is ONE!
all set up!
one stop candy shop
Cousins and their babies!

stroller strides mamas

kiddos at play

birthday girl getting her walk on

Harley had the best time ever!
sister, mom, me and charlotte


her princess cake and birthday hat!
all set to dig in!

sharing with daddy!

messy birthday girl!
harley, the clean up crew

Presents and playtime!

her first set of Legos!

haha Charlotte is making the funniest face!

The next day, on her actual birthday, we went to the aquarium and hung out with family that came into town special for the party.

Birthday girl is ONE!
Charlotte and Nana!

a BIG thanks to all our family and friends that came over and celebrated Charlotte's first birthday! It was a wonderful day!! Still can't believe our baby girl is ONE!

Where the goodies came from:

  • Charlotte's dress and bloomers: Mud Pie  so cute!!
  • Birthday hat: Dainty Couture 
  • "Charlotte is ONE" banner - made by my friend Carol
  • All other banners/centerpieces made by me!
  • "C"  wreath - made by me: thank you Pinterest!
  • Birthday Chalkboard/food cards: designed by my bestie Jessica!
  • Cake (for the locals): Layers bakery in Monterey! Delicious!!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

happy 1st birthday Charlotte!!


Happy 1st birthday my sweet baby girl! It's hard to believe a whole year has passed already. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing you home from the birth center, scared out of our minds, wondering why on earth you didn't come with an instruction manual. We were in awe of you. I remember holding you in my arms, watching you sleep, and examining each and every inch of you. Counting your fingers. Looking at your toes (Clute toes btw). You were 50% Mom, 50% Dad, and 100% perfectly you. I found it impossible to wrap my head around the fact that just hours before you were inside my belly, that you spent nine months growing in there. It is a miracle. You are our very special gift from God.

day one. our new family

And now, one year later, we are still in awe of you. How much you have changed. How much you have grown. From that squishy little baby, to a walking, blabbering little girl. You learn something new every single day. You are obviously a genius (and I am definitely not biased). And our lives will never be the same. And we would never want them to be. Ever. We may have had more money and a cleaner house, but we definitely didn't have as much fun! 

with your birthday chalkboard

This last month has been so wonderful! You now weigh in at 24lbs and are 29 inches long. And your head is 18.3 inches, 85%! See....genius!
are you sure i'm a year???

You are now an official walking girl! Watch out world, here comes Charlotte!! You have spent the last few weeks figuring it all out, getting better and better every single day. I am sure by this time next month you will be running!!

on the move

You LOVE to dance. I'm pretty sure it is your favorite thing to do. And you love a song with a good beat. Robin Thicke. Lady Gaga. Justin Timberlake. Children's songs are not your style. You like to shake shake shake your booty.
dancing in Banana Republic

One of your biggest accomplishments of the slept thru the night!! Honestly I never thought I would be able to type out those words. haha. You have done it 3 times now. But you aren't consistent at all. One night you will wake up two times, the next sleep thru the night, and the next up again multiple times. But now we know you are capable of going a whole night without eating! And someday you will sleep thru the night every single night. Progress!
giving H a hug before bed time

This month you went to the zoo for the first time! When we were visiting Nana we got to check out the Sacramento Zoo, the same Zoo Mommy visited when she was a kid. It was super hot but we had a lot of fun, especially on the merry-go-round!

Charlotte the Zoo Keeper

mmm ice cream!

not happy about being the baby kangaroo

petting the kitty

riding with Nana
reading about animal with Mama

You sure do LOVE the water!! We took swim lessons this month and you loved every minute of it....well except when Mommy was dunking you in the water. But you loved it the rest of the time. And for your last class, Daddy came and swam with you!

playing in the pool at Aunt Gail's!

We spent a lot of time doing crafts and shopping at Michaels together this month. All in preparation for your very first birthday party! (post on that coming soon!)
helping pick out paper at Michaels!

And two weeks before your birthday GGMA and Grandma Rachel came for a visit. We went to the LOVE it there!

And we had a mini birthday celebration with them since they weren't going to be able to come to your party.
i love GGMA!!
reading the card
oooo animals!
but I really just want to eat the tissue paper!

This one if for Aunt Nikki......ROCKS!!

We love you more than you could ever imagine. We are so proud to be your parents, and feel blessed to have you as our daughter. This last year has been the best year of our lives, and we can't wait to see what the next year brings!

Happy Birthday Charlotte Grace!

Mommy and Daddy