Thursday, September 12, 2013

Charlotte's 1st birthday party!!

After a month of planning and crafting, and a whole day baking cake pops, the day finally arrived....Charlotte's 1st birthday party! The party could not have gone better, I only wish it would have lasted longer. We blinked and it was over, sorta like our wedding. And almost the same size as our wedding....32 adults and 18 kids! And Charlotte did great. She only had a 45 minute nap that morning and somehow lasted the entire time without having a breakdown. It was the perfect day!

all dressed and waiting for her guests

Charlotte is ONE!
all set up!
one stop candy shop
Cousins and their babies!

stroller strides mamas

kiddos at play

birthday girl getting her walk on

Harley had the best time ever!
sister, mom, me and charlotte


her princess cake and birthday hat!
all set to dig in!

sharing with daddy!

messy birthday girl!
harley, the clean up crew

Presents and playtime!

her first set of Legos!

haha Charlotte is making the funniest face!

The next day, on her actual birthday, we went to the aquarium and hung out with family that came into town special for the party.

Birthday girl is ONE!
Charlotte and Nana!

a BIG thanks to all our family and friends that came over and celebrated Charlotte's first birthday! It was a wonderful day!! Still can't believe our baby girl is ONE!

Where the goodies came from:

  • Charlotte's dress and bloomers: Mud Pie  so cute!!
  • Birthday hat: Dainty Couture 
  • "Charlotte is ONE" banner - made by my friend Carol
  • All other banners/centerpieces made by me!
  • "C"  wreath - made by me: thank you Pinterest!
  • Birthday Chalkboard/food cards: designed by my bestie Jessica!
  • Cake (for the locals): Layers bakery in Monterey! Delicious!!!


Tina Costolo said...

I love all the decorations, Shannon! Looks like it was an awesome party! Happy 1st Birthday to sweet Charlotte!

Meredith said...

Omgosh everything is just perfect! And you got such great photos !!! I love the banner of all the monthly photos! And of course Charlotte could not have looked cuter!!! Great job on the party, Mama!