Wednesday, September 18, 2013

craft day: cupcake liner wreath!

Since the holidays are coming up, I thought I would do a crafty post about the cupcake liner wreath I made for Charlotte's birthday party. It is easy, fun and can be done for any holiday. Since Charlotte's name and our last name both start with a C, I knew I would be able to use the wreath long after the party. Probably Easter considering the colors I chose were pink and aqua.

So, lets get started. You will need a foam wreath (I got mine from Michaels), 200-300 cupcake liners, and 200+ t-pins. When I was looking around the internet, the quantities varied. It will all depend on how big your foam wreath is. I cut my foam form into the C shape.

Step 1: Prep the cupcake liners. Invert the liner, fold it in half, then accordion style (3 folds). That will help give it the full, fanned out look.  I tried just inverting it and then pinning and I wasn't happy with the look. Note: I enlisted Matt's help with this part. haha.

Step 2: pin them on to the wreath form. I choose to do a stripe style, but if you buy multiple colored liners, just be sure to mix them up as you pin. At first I was only going to do the front since nobody would see the back, but I ended up with extra liners and free time (also known as nap time) so I finished it up. 

Step 3: Before I got to the top, I added in a ribbon to hang it. I secured the liners on top of the ribbon to hold it in place. 

That's it, you're done!! Beautiful!! 

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Katherine Newsom said...

I love this! I've been wanting to make us a wreath for the holidays and will have to make this one too. great idea!

Katherine Newsom