Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just Jack

Last week we had to say goodbye to a very special family member.....our wonderful golden retriever Jack. It was shocking to have to let him go so soon. Nobody was prepared for it. Just two months ago he was fine. In good health. No issues. And then all of a sudden his vision started to deteriorate. He had high blood pressure, but no other problems. They tried to get the blood pressure under control but it didn't help with the blindness. And then he just started getting worse and worse. By the end he was barely able to stand and didn't seem to know who we were. He couldn't enjoy life anymore. He wasn't able to play in the water and chase tennis balls, two of his favorite things. So it was time to let him go to heaven where there was a pile of tennis balls and a few other fur family members waiting for him. 

I put together this little video, including some pictures and videos I had of Jack. I was having a hard time expressing my sadness and loss of him in words, and this seemed to work better. I was a soppy mess putting this together, so sorry if it makes you cry too.

11 years just wasn't long enough Jack. We miss you every single day. We love you sweet boy! 

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Beautiful video Shannon. We miss you and love you Jack. Jane