Monday, November 25, 2013

Napa: no kids allowed

While Charlotte was off enjoying trips to the pumpkin patch with Nana, Matt and I went to Napa (technically St Helena) for our very first weekend away! I can't believe it took us almost 14 months to finally get  in an adults only trip, but that's ok. It was worth the wait. And for a good occasion: our 5 year anniversary! 

we made it!

Since we were a little early to check in to our B&B, we decided to check out a few wineries. First stop: Menaga a Trois. I love their wine! They had a few other Napa labels we got to try, all really good. We walked out of there with a bottle. Then we stopped at Matt's choice: Robert Mondavi.

So, random fact: my great grandfather went to school with Robert Mondavi. And my family sold them grapes for many many years. My great grandparents had almond orchards and vineyards in Lodi, CA and a lot of the wineries get grapes from there! Super cool!

This was also one of our favorite places we stopped. The lady that was helping us was so nice and the grounds were impeccable. Of course we got lucky with great weather too! 

Our last stop before heading to the B&B was Domaine Chandon. I really wanted to try some champagne, but that was not a good idea. Eating and then trying sparkling wine = tummy ache. Never again. Beautiful place though, good champagne, but did not mix with lunch. haha.

And finally we made it to our room at The Wine Country Inn! We had a huge room, complete with a fireplace, jetted tub, and patio! Love Love Love this place!

I think we would have been happy just staying in the room and relaxing for two whole days! But there were so many wonderful wineries and restaurants we had to check out!

out to dinner at French Blue
MMMMmmm good! And after dinner we walked a few blocks to have a drink at a bar that used to be a speakeasy. Then our B&B sent over a van to pick us up. Talk about great service!

We spent the entire second day doing pretty much the same thing: wine tasting. What else?! First up was the biggest tourist trap ever: Castello di Amorosa. Beautiful. ok wine. ripoff. 

What this picture doesn't show: the MEAN geese off to our right about ready to attack us!! We got away, thankfully, but some other guy got his pant leg chewed up. haha
view from the top. best spot.

taking picture past the designated space. haha oops!
the underground tasting room!
Then we stopped at Beringer. Really good wine. I of course fell in love with one of the pricier bottles, which Matt secretly bought and presented to me while we were out listening to music in the garden. Awww. :)

We actually liked this place so much we did two tastings. One in the main room and one in the reserve room (right behind Matt). Needless to say, lunch was next. haha.

And our final stop was a treat for Matt, Prager winery. They specialize in ports, which he loves. 

out to dinner at Market. mmm fried chicken!
And on the morning of our departure I got up extra early, grabbed some coffee and watched the sunrise. It was cold, but beautiful.

We had a wonderful little trip away celebrating our anniversary. There are so many amazing wineries in that area, we wish we could have stayed for a whole week. Plus we brought our bikes and were hoping to ride to some of them but that never happened. Oh well. And the food. Wow. Could not have a bad meal in St Helena if you tried. Every single restaurant was unbelievably good. And not outrageously priced. 

Of course we missed our munchkin like crazy, but did you see her post? She barely even thought about us. Haha, maybe that means we can sneak away again sometime in the not-too-distant future! 

Note for Military families: we got almost all our tastings for FREE! If they weren't free it was buy one get one and sometimes even % off purchases. Make sure you ask if places offer a military discount if you happen to be out and about in the Napa area tasting wine!

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