Saturday, November 16, 2013

weekend at Nana's

Two weeks ago I got to spend two WHOLE days with my Nana. It all started when I went down for a nap like any other day, and when I woke up, my parents were gone. Gone I tell you. I looked around for them, I even checked the dog bowl in the kitchen twice, but they were nowhere to be found. I was a little concerned, but once I saw Harley was with me at Nana's, I was sure they would eventually come back. They wouldn't leave both their kiddos. And once I stopped worrying, I started having fun. Lots and lots of fun!

We spent lots of time exploring the house, playing with toys, and chasing the kitty. And we went to the local pumpkin patch both days!

my cousin Hannah and me
Hannah with her Mommy and brother Nathan

First up was looking for just the right pumpkin. Note: picking the right one can take time….

that one

no wait, that one

let me circle this one and check it out


After finding the perfect pumpkin, I saw these large dogs in a giant cage. Other kids were riding on them so I asked Nana if I could too. She said they were "ponies", whatever, they were totally big dogs.

see, what did I tell you, dogs.

how do I look? totally professional.

cousin Hannah rode one too

Then we walked over to this other caged area and petted some more dogs. These dogs had horns. Weird. 

why hello there. May I pet you?                                    Your fur is really rough. Use conditioner bro.

you like water too? I LOVE it!! Let me have that bucket.

We tried to take a "cousins" picture, but after being put into a headlock, I was over that. I'm pretty sure they said "hug Charlotte" not "choke Charlotte". Misunderstanding? Hmmmm.

yuk! That doesn't taste yummy

And look what I found on our way out….pumpkins fit for a pumpkin like me.

It was such a wonderful day. And by the time we got home I was parched. Good thing Nana keeps this big bowl of water on the floor for all of us. I drink right from the fountain.

Day two at the pumpkin patch. If it ain't broke…

petting those dogs with horns.                                                 You. Are. A. Dog

did we not speak about using conditioner? Eh. Ok I will pet you.

And here is a kiss too. 

what??? You don't kiss dogs?? 

I'm just going to sit on the one I want. Yes, this will due.
me and my Nana!! 

I'm taking this popcorn and getting the heck outta here!

I had a super duper awesome time at Nana's house. Nana is wonderful and I love her so much! It was a fun weekend and I didn't think about my Mommy or Daddy once. In fact, when they finally decided to show up I was shocked to see them. I was perfectly happy with Nana. Well, I did miss the boobie. Oh OK….I missed Mommy and Daddy too. Twist a girl's arm why don't you. :)


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Meredith said...

Omg love the post. Great job to Nana on a fun weekend! And looove the last pic of C! Def a keeper!!