Tuesday, December 2, 2014

the new case de clute!

After 17 states, over 6,000 miles (including cruise miles), 3 countries, and a month in the navy lodge, we finally got to move into our new house!! Without further ado, here are the pictures of the new house, as well as some before and afters since we have done some painting the last few months...

in process...a few months before we moved in

the back and the yard!

we arrived! Time to scope it out

kitchen in progress


Hello???? Is anyone home?

How about a tour?! I wish I had taken these with a wide angle lense to give you a better idea of the rooms. I tried to get some of the "afters" with the pano on my iPhone, seemed to help a bit. 

As you enter the house, the first room on your right is the playroom/ (eventually an office)...

after. panoramic. still lots of little things to add to this room.
Still to do: I have a lot of ideas for this space....places for books, pictures on the walls, etc. Santa might be bringing a fun little addition too. And I know this room is going to be forever changing.

The first room on your left is the dining room....

a pic of our new wine rack!!! So excited about this! Art piece and wine holder LOVE!
 Still to do: Printing and framing family/wedding photos 

Then we walk into the large living room/kitchen, open space. 
living room before

after.  weird lighting, hard to get a feel for what the color actually is
Still to come: in the next month or two we will be having built-ins put next to the windows. Super excited about those!! There is also a large blank wall next to the sofa that will be a large picture collage. I am excited to put that together!

better shot of the sofa....the entire sofa!!

looking towards the kitchen before
different angle.
kitchen after. 

the beautiful deck
a portion of the yard

 Off the kitchen is a door leading to the basement and eventual man cave.
it basically still looks like this, some of our unused furniture is down here right now, but nothing else yet

walk out basement. This is where Matt wants to put a pool table. (bathroom right behind where this was taken) 

the unfinished portion aka storage!

And then up stairs we go! There are 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms plus the laundry room upstairs. I will skip the bathrooms and the unused bedroom. 

the master before.
after. Bathroom and wall with some wedding photos is behind me.

Still to come: different throw and pillows, possibly curtains, and eventually the photo over the bed will be replaced with large b&w family pictures. Someday I would like to replace our dressers, but that is a long way out.

Charlotte's room before

After. Went with a neutral grey on the walls. Pink and maybe teal accents.


Still to come: shelves on the blank wall for knick knacks and photos, and a bookshelf of some kind either on the wall by the chair or near the window. And I want to frame pictures of C with her great grandmas and hang them above her dresser. 

laundry room, next to C's room at the front of the house. It basically looks the same, just more cluttered with supplies now. 

guest room before.
after. one of the only rooms that I don't plan on painting anytime soon!
And that is the end of the tour. I wish the pictures had come out a little better, but you get the idea. While we are finally getting settled in, there is always something to paint, purchase or do around here. It's fun, but very different from renting! 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

PCS'ing part 6: Florida & THE CRUISE!!

We have finally reached the part you have all been waiting for: never before seen photos of our visit with family in Florida and our cruise of the Allure of the Seas! 

Instead of just hustling over to Maryland and concluding our trip with a few days of boring driving we decided to go out on a high note: a cruise to celebrate Grandma's life. We did a lot of traveling with her, especially cruises, and we had even talked about going on this cruise with her before she got sick, so it just felt right. And before we left on our trip we got to spend some time with Matt's family in Florida. It was a really fun two weeks.

We also got to take Charlotte to Disneyworld for the very first time! She loved it (who wouldn't?!)! It was typical Florida summer weather....sooo hot. We only stayed for half a day due to the heat and having a toddler that needed a nap after a long day of rides and constant activity. If we are being honest, the adults needed a nap and a break after just half a day too!

Magic Kingdom (Mom was taking the picture)

waiting for the ferry ride

on a boat and feeling that heat already

riding dumbo with Mommy and Daddy

cooling off in the fountain
 I tried to get a family shot on the ride and this is what happened..
only eyes. haha.  
most of her face and not ours. 

"I see you Grandpa!"
 We got to spend some good quality time with Matt's Grandma while we were in town too. Charlotte loved it. Grandma Dot has the best pool :)

kisses for Great Grandma

being silly

pool time

Grandma got in too!

Mary came down to say hello too

more kisses

scoping out who came to the door. how adorable!

The day before our trip Charlotte wanted to spend quality time with Grandma and Grandpa so we headed over to Epcot and drank our way around the world. Seriously way too much fun!
on our way

the whole crew

heading over to Canada


a little selfie of the boys

that's what a cold headache looks like

Sangria in Italy!



classic group photo in America haha
Our last stop...Paris!

And while we were gone Charlotte got to scope out Grandpa's bus!


As the exclamation point on our cross country trip, we went on a cruise to celebrate Grandma's life. We wish she could have been there with us, sadly that was not meant to be. It definitely wasn't the same without her, and at times it was sad, but we know she was there in spirit and she would have been tickled pink to see us all together on a cruise. She loved to travel, especially on a cruise, and every time I go on one I will think of her. It was a wonderful trip with some really kick a$$ people! 

our group photo including GGMA on a stick :)

scoping out the ship and enjoying our first drink in the lounge

the water arena off the back of the ship
made it to our rooms! All next to each other!!
Goodbye Florida!

and we are off!!
our balcony after they opened it up for us! a giant one! 

Charlotte had such a big day! No time for a nap so she fell asleep at dinner. 
I never get to hold her like this anymore!! 
they made her a little bed. how adorable!

Our first stop was Nassau, Bahamas. Our original plan was to head over to Atlantis and spend the day on the beach and at the pool. Then we found out how expensive it was just to spend the day there as a guest, so we asked out cab driver to take us to a more low key beach with beach activities if possible. We found the BEST cab driver and he stuck with us all day and gave us a little tour of the island.
first stop: music!

cab driver and boss lady

had to stop at a local store for some beers
 we made it to paradise. nobody around but us.

awesome pic of our ship! biggest in the world!!

We spent the next day at sea, which meant all day we got to explore the ship and all it had to offer. 4 pools, a kids splash zone, a carnival area that included a merry go round, rock climbing wall, zip lining, wave rider, and the list goes on. Something for everyone and never enough time to see or do it all!

Charlotte loved to ride the merry go round and since it never had a line we just kept riding and riding. I think I counted at least 15 times in a row once. Look how happy she is....

It was also Sara's birthday! Charlotte wanted to help eat her cake :)

hugging the little boy statue
 And after putting Miss C down to sleep and leaving Rachel to monitor the monitor it was time to hit the town....the downtown of the ship that is. Bars, Clubs, they have it all...

karaoke time! Of course Matt sang a few songs!

and after a few drinks so did we!! hahaha!!
Our next stop: St Thomas. This island was a lot of fun. We had a shady spot with plenty of chairs, beautiful water, snorkeling and food/drinks nearby. The only downfall: all the beaches were packed because multiple ships were in port. 

breakfast on the balcony


Our final stop was St Maarten. We were busy on this island. We found a good cab driver then headed off to a little beach where all the airplanes fly right over. It was so much cooler than I thought it would be!

planes flew in right over this!

here they come!

having a snack before swimming

Then we were off to the French side of the island and the famous naked beach. Beautiful (beach) and not very crowded (yay!)

favorite picture of her

our only picture...no photos allowed on the beach (obv)

We spent the next two whole days at sea, which meant lots and lots of time at the pool and exploring the ship. It was perfect. We saw shows, we ate ice cream, enjoyed the most amazing dinners and spent lots of time together. Grandma would have been so happy.

all dressed and ready to go to the pool! 

ice cream!!

merry go round!

Rachel got her a Quacky!!

how's my hat?!
We also did every activity possible: 

matt climbing the wall

me ziplining over the ship! scarier than I first thought!! 

the empty boardwalk
make phone calls with her banana. desperate time, desperate measures.

one of our professional pics...eh

our sailor girl

another parents night out

checking out the moving bar!


Grandma being silly, getting food on her face. typical :)

Our last night....dinner and pics with our waitress Rin Rin

everyone loved Charlotte!


had to close it out with a family photo right?!