Thursday, January 23, 2014

christmas crafts

Since I got a little crafty over the holidays, I thought I would share the details with you all, in case you wanted to re-create them yourselves. 

Christmas card display:

I wanted to be able to see all the wonderful Christmas cards we get every year. Since most are flat cards, it is hard to lay them all out. And our fridge is not magnetic. So I did this instead.  I used a ribbon, a hole punch, and some tape. Hole punch the card, slide them all on, and tac up the ribbon to the ceiling. I used the tape to make the cards face forward. Otherwise they tend to turn sideways and you can't see everyone's smiling faces! Ta-Da!! This is still up in our house. I love it. And when I take it down, I will just put all the cards on a d-ring and box it up. That way all our Christmas cards are in one place!

Tutus for the girls:

Making these tutus was surprisingly quick and easy. Bonus: no sewing required! You will need scissors, ribbon, and tulle. A lot more tulle than I thought. 

1. Ribbon - measure the child's waist with the ribbon, mark the ribbon. Tie a knot at each mark. Make sure to leave an additional 12 inches of ribbon on each end for tying in into a bow and leaving a little room to grow. 

2. Tulle - I used spools of red glitter and white tulle. Each were about 6" wide. I used probably 20 yards of the white and 40 yards of the red glitter. Start by cutting the tulle into strips. Mine were about 22" long. I measured the first one and then did it by sight after that. It doesn't have to be perfect. I recommend cutting all the pieces of tulle first and then start tying them on.

3. Tying - Take a piece of the tulle, fold it in half width wise (because my pieces were so wide), then again length wise. Bring it around the ribbon and pull through to create a knot. This can be difficult to visualize.

Then pull the long end around the ribbon and through the tulle to create a knot. Done. 

4. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. I recommend not pushing the tulle next to each other too tightly. I did that and ended up using a lot of extra tulle. The upside: As Charlotte grows I can move the knots on the ribbon and loosen up the tulle so it lasts for a long time. 

This really didn't take me long to make, maybe a couple of hours total. I just sat at the table and watched some TV and worked on it.  And I probably spent about $25 or so to make both tutus. This was a little more costly because I bought the spools rather than having it cut from a bolt. Good luck!!

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