Wednesday, January 15, 2014

december getaways

And now time for a full recap of our two December trips. I was going to add in Christmas to this as well, but then I started selecting pictures, and it was getting a little out of hand so I will have to do that in a separate post. 

First up, Jessica's 30th birthday party weekend and my weekend away! Yep, another baby free three days! But this one was sans the hubby too (who stayed behind to take care of our little one). It was a quick trip that included a long drive, but totally worth it to see my bestie and a lot of really wonderful friends! We had a great time celebrating with drinks and lots of dancing. Ladies, we should do this more often....girls trip?! :)



welcome to the club Jessica!! 
the boys in the birthday crowns
haha love Jessica's face in this picture 
kisses for the birthday girl

After Matt finished up his finals, we took a trip to Lake Tahoe. We actually got to bundle up in our winter gear and had a wonderful time playing in the snow. It was Charlotte's first real experience with snow too! We stayed at the beautiful Sunnyside hotel, right on the lake. Dinners out, skiing, and time with family and friends. A good start to the winter break.

we made it! So beautiful!

view from Grandma and Rachel's room

Matt and I spent the first two days skiing while Charlotte spent some quality time with Grandma. We skied one day at Squaw and one at Northstar. Not nearly enough (or any) real snow, but it was still fun!

windy and cold at Squaw

beer stop

And we made sure to come back early so Charlotte got some playtime in the snow before it got dark. She really wasn't sure what to do with it. As soon as she touched it and realized how cold it was she started to cry. But she had a fun time walking around in her snow gear and plowing through the couple of fresh inches we got overnight. 

all bundled up and ready to go!

what is this??

look Dad...SNOW!!!

really, she just wanted to play in the water. Didn't care how cold the water was!
look Mom, water!

me and my girl


look at the mess I made!

our last morning, goodbye Tahoe!

come here Grandma!

Hopefully Tahoe gets a late winter and a lot of snow in the New Year so we can go back and do some more skiing! There is nothing better than fresh powder. Fingers crossed!

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Tina Costolo said...

I love your Tahoe pictures, Shannon! Just beautiful! :)