Monday, January 20, 2014

mistletoe magic

Ahhhh Christmas, my favorite time of the year. The lights, the tree, all the time with family. I typically set up for Christmas as early as possible (right after holiday at a time) and take it down when the tree looks like it might spontaneously burst into flames. And since this was our last Christmas in Monterey, I really tried to soak it all in. 

Charlotte meeting Santa Claus. We didn't get a picture of her smiling, but at least she didn't cry! 

Our family always does it up big on Christmas Eve. This year we headed over to Aunt Gail's house and enjoyed a yummy dinner and each others company while we opened presents. 

Blurry, but this is what it would be like to have three! As soon as I picked up Nathan, Charlotte got jealous and demanded to be held too. Uh oh. Someone is not ready to share Mommy! Don't worry Charlotte, there is no brother or sister in your immediate future. 

time for presents!!

I got all crafty and made these tutus for the girls. It was super easy to make, no sewing needed!! My only issue was not getting enough tulle and needing to go back to the fabric store a few times. haha. Hannah sure loved hers!
tutu twinsies

Charlotte got a doll from cousin Hannah!

cousin love!!

kisses from my girl

too cool in her new vest

And here we are at my Mom's house on Christmas morning. The whole Clute clan!
Christmas morning 2013
thanks Grandma and Grandpa Clute!
Sara's dog Shadow, the newest addition to the family

Harley playing in Charlotte's new tunnel

Then we were off to Rachel's to party it up and open and few more presents. Cheers!

snacking on some watermelon

Only at Rachel's house is there a random mannequin head for Charlotte to drag around. Creepy much??!

this picture is for you Peter!

present time!

family picture

And once we got home to Monterey we had another little Christmas for all the gifts we left behind. 

I did NOT ask for a potty for Christmas!!!

OK, I'm sitting on it......what now??

thanks Auntie Jen for Mommy's my book!!!
Enjoying the big gift from Santa..


And finally, a few of my favorite random pictures from December
sporting her sunglass before ripping them in two

too much fun with a pen!

the best part of Christmas.....the BOXES!!

ready for football

watching the sunset from Point Lobos

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