Friday, February 7, 2014

BIG news

First up, no I am not pregnant. But, there is a big announcement that includes a lot of changes for our little family. Wait for it…..we will be moving to Southern Maryland in July! Matt got selected for one of the best contracting jobs available, located in Pax River, so we will be moving out there in the summer. We lived in that general area about four years ago, so we won't be total newbies. Although this time around we will be outside of the DC metro area, living the relaxed country vibe type of life. Coming from small town Monterey, that is absolutely perfect. The only thing that would make it better was if we had an ocean view house. Ah well, we can't have it all.

We will be saying goodbye to my side of the family (super sad face) and moving close to Matt's, which means lots of quality time with the Clutes. Weekend trips and dinners, and maybe even some vacationing together.  His parents will also be able to see us more often since the flight from Florida to DC is much easier. Plus, since we've lived in DC before we have friends in the area and are looking forward to reconnecting with some of them. Woo hoo to play dates! :)

And surprising announcement #2…….WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE! I know, I still can't believe it either!! That American dream, we get it too! I honestly never thought we would be able to buy something of our own. The military usually have to sacrifice this dream, at least until after retirement. We move around so much that is usually isn't worth it. Plus, we typically want to live in the heart of the city or near all the action and that doesn't come cheap. It has been better, financially, to rent rather than buy. Take San Diego for example: we got to live in an amazing house with a great yard and a view of downtown in a prime location. If we had decided to buy, we would have ended up in Chula Vista or El Cajon (no offense to those who do live there, just not our style). We didn't have any little ones yet so being near downtown and the beach was more important. And now Monterey, two words: ocean view. I am sitting at our dining room table right now, looking out at the ocean, writing this blog. We could never ever have afforded to buy this house. But we can rent it! And it's awesome. This is by far our favorite house of any tour. I am going to shed a few tears when we have to leave this place. 

But I will be able to dry my eyes quickly when I think of the amazing new house we are getting. We will be buying a brand new house. We will be the first people to live in it. The floors, the cabinets, the countertops… we get to select it all. It will be on an acre of land too! Great for children and pets! It will be in southern Maryland, about an hour or so from the city. Closer to Matt's new job. But not too far from his family. And a little out in the boonies. It will be about a 20 minute drive to anything…..Target, Costco, groceries. Tis the country life, right?! I think we are really going to love living there. And honestly, I still can't believe it is happening to us. And I don't think I will until we actually move in. 

A few weeks ago we made the long flight to DC, selected the lot and picked out all the finishes for the house. (And to make sure the quality was up to our standards.) We got blasted with arctic air and a bit of snow while we were out there too. It made selecting the lot a tad more challenging but overall still very fun. 

 On our way!

enjoying lunch on the airplane

The lot!! 
everything to the left of the green boxes

our lot and our neighbor

standing in the kitchen

standing in the living room!

Some of the finishes we chose:
the exterior brick, siding, and shutters

exterior lighting

counter tops and cabinet color

cabinets will be the design of the ones on the far right, but in white

floors, "saddle", the one on the right 
Bathroom details: cabinets (color "toffee"), white marble countertops, tile floors, glass tile detail in the master bath

A few pictures from a spec home, same layout as ours:

kitchen design and size! So much storage!!

family room (we are doing hardwood throughout the first floor)

master bath with a shower large enough to fit 5 people!!

my side of the bathroom

basement (ours will be an area way walk out due to the lot being flat)

And while we were busy doing all the house stuff, Charlotte got to get reacquainted with her east coast family. It had been 6 long months since they had seen her, and boy had she changed!! 

GrandDave and GranSuz

doing some reading

ooo kitty!!! Miss Chloe doesn't look too thrilled about being "petted" by Miss C
checking out the snow

had to touch it to see how cold it was

reading with uncle jim


having a blast!

Charlotte sized pancakes. mmmmm

showing her tongue!
Aunt Jenny and Uncle Mike were there too, but someone had to be taking the pictures :). Or repairing the computers. haha. Charlotte had a wonderful time playing with her aunts and uncles and can't wait to see them again very soon! Our move date will be here before we know it!  Tear and smiley face. 

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Meredith said...

Can't wait to have you back on the east coast!!!! And super close to us :) Yay!!!! We will help combat homesickness with lots of fun times and playdates! :)