Friday, February 21, 2014

monterey bucket list

When we first moved to DC we took our time getting settled in. There was no rush to see all the monuments in one weekend. There would be plenty of time to explore the city before we left. And then we got engaged and had a wedding to plan, and then we got married, and then it was time to move. In the blink of an eye the tour was over and it was time to say goodbye to the east coast. And while we were able to see a lot of our nations capital, there was still so much more I wanted to experience. I never got to see Gettysburg, darn it! So when we moved to San Diego we decided to make a bucket list. All the places we wanted to go and places we wanted to eat at would be written down as a to-do list of sorts so we wouldn't forget. Since we had both lived in the city before our list was pretty short. Sea World, apple picking in Julian, etc. By the time we left we had "conquered" San Diego!

We did the same thing with Monterey. I started the list a few months after we moved in and continue to add to as I hear of any "must-do's". We have managed to cross a lot of the things off, but not everything. And with only 4 months left in the tour, I know time is going to fly by and I want to make sure we conquer Monterey too! It is a pretty small town, we shouldn't have a problem. 

Here is what we have left on our list:

Lemongrass Thai

Hiking top 10 (will cover all these when we finish them and I have pictures to share!)
Whale Watching
Alcatraz (Matt has never been!) <--- going here this weekend
Night out at Casa de Hicks <--- staying here this weekend!
Picture in front of our house

Some of the fun things we have done while living in Monterey:

The famous Monterey Aquarium (we go here a lot!):

playing with the penguin

Moss Landing (eating at the Whole Enchilada):
mmm churro

My Museum (kids loves this place!)

playing on the firetruck

enjoying the beach and the sun

Big Sur: we have done this drive many times, pretty sure every single person that has come to visit us has been on this drive. It's beautiful!
and we typically stop at our favorite restaurant, Nepenthe, which has great food and a view!

Pebble Beach golf (Matt)
cloudy day but still a good game!

Santa Cruz (you can see the boardwalk in the background)

Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge

Wine tasting:
in Carmel
in Santa Lucia Highlands
In Sonoma
in Napa!
(we sure do love our wine! haha!)

Some of the delicious restaurants we have eaten at (and loved): Red House Cafe, Trailside Cafe, LouLou's Griddle in the Middle, Gianni's pizza (the BOMB), Il Vecchio, Sardine Factory, Mission Ranch, Passionfish, Beach House, and Patisserie Bechler bakery (the BEST almond croissants). I am sure there are more, but right now that is all I can think of and it's starting to make me really hungry (especially for a pastry), so I better stop.

I encourage all military families to make a bucket list every time you move. Add in restaurants for date night, places the kids want to go, family fun activities for the whole family. That way, when it is time to move, nobody says "I wish we could have done this…". You never know if you will live in that city again, so make the most of it while you can! Plus, if you are ever bored one weekend, looking for something fun to do, you can consult your list. And if you are a type A personality like myself it sure feels good to cross something off your to-do list....what a sense of accomplishment!


Fe Adamsonn said...

I love the picture. You guys really had fun. The bucket list thing is a nice idea. Thank you for sharing and giving some advise.

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Suzanne said...

You are always in it ALL the WAY! I totally admire that about you, and appreciate it when we visit - never a dull moment!