Monday, March 10, 2014

happy 18 months Charlotte!


Happy 18 months!! Wait what??? You are 18 months old already?! 

It is hard to believe that this little baby.....

Is now this little toddler.....

You have grown and changed so much in the past 6 months. You now weigh in at 25lbs 10oz (70%) and are 32 inches tall (60%). Every day you speak a new word or learn a new skill. I am amazed at how smart you are. And honestly, a little scared (especially of the teen years). You are going to challenge us every single day. 

miss attitude

At your one year birthday you were starting to say and understand more words, and since then your vocabulary has grown to well over 50 words. Probably more when I count all the sign language you know and the words you can understand but not say just yet. You mumble and repeat everything I say, trying out the words yourself, or at least the first syllable. And I think a lot of your verbal skills are thanks to your Baby Einstein books that Chris and Brandy got you. When we first opened them you were 3 months old and they looked so advanced I thought it would be a very long time before you were interested in them at all. Then we started looking at them around your first birthday and now you know 90% of the pictures in the books. You love to look at the pictures and find whatever mommy asks for. And if they happen to be animals, you love to tell me the noise that animal makes. I think snake is my favorite, sound....not animal.  

You are also very very musical. You love dancing, a lot. To almost anything too. 
listening to the iPod and dancing

We will typically turn on the music in the living room rather than the TV and spend time dancing while we play with your toys. We can't wait for you to start singing. Oh how adorable that will be! You are also very fascinated with musical instruments. You recently got to play with a piano at Sara and Peter's house and a harmonica at Rachel's.

I think there will be music lessons in your future. The talent is in your blood, your Grandma was a music teacher and your Dad is pretty talented with the guitar and singing. I am so curious to find out what you will love most when you get older, dancing or playing music.

Last month you started taking gymnastics. It is more of an exploration on the mats and equipment rather than a structured class, perfect for kids your age. You love it. You are so brave and will try pretty much anything. Walking across the beam, swinging from the bars, jumping on the trampoline. You even learned to do a somersault! And you give yourself a round of applause afterwards. haha. 

And after class we head over to the park, where you play with your friends for an hour and then it is home for nap time.

here are some of your friends at My Museum for Keira's birthday party!

Speaking of sleep, you have come a long way in the past 6 months. You go to bed at night and we never have to get up anymore (unless you are sick). 

Here you are sleeping with us one night when you had an ear infection (your first)...

And you are pretty good at putting yourself to sleep too. Many many times we have put you down when you are tired but awake and you can (eventually) go to sleep on your own. And today you actually told me you wanted to go down for a nap. You made the sleep sign and started to drag me to your room. I couldn't believe it. So we sat together in the rocking chair until you fell asleep. It was a good nap day.....unlike the other day when you did this....

Apparently you did not want to be in your crib anymore. Some kids chew on the crib when they are teething, you did it because you were angry. I just hope you never do it again. 

You are a pretty good eater. You still nurse (hope to quit that before we move), but you eat a lot of solid foods. You will try almost anything, but fruits and sweets are you favorite. 

You are also a big pasta lover. Here you are at macaroni grill enjoying spaghetti.....

The older you get, the more and more of a helper you become. If you spill your food you will help mommy pick them up. And you love to help feed Harley every day. I am also working on getting you to help clean the house.....

helping Mommy sweep

taking out the trash
helping mommy cook

I have also started teaching you to give Mommy a back massage....genius! You are not too bad, just need to work on getting you to massage longer than 10 seconds. :)

You are also a full on runner now. No more casual walking for you. Everywhere you go, you run. Especially if I don't want you to, then it is funny funny because Mommy is chasing you! And when you run, you remind me of Phoebe on friends, arms and legs flailing about. It is very entertaining to watch. 

Here are a few more adorable pictures from the last few months....

playing in snow for the first time

learning to drive

exploring the beach, even if it was really cold outside

More beach time (this time it was warm)
pony ride!

loving on mr H

the whole family
We love you so much Miss Charlotte! You are a wonderful little girl and we feel blessed to be your parents. Seeing the world through your eyes has taught us to slow down and enjoy the little things. And that nothing is better than a good dance song or a day at the beach. Happy half birthday!!

Mommy and Daddy

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Happy 18 months, C!!! (And Mommy and Daddy!!!)