Friday, April 11, 2014

another visit to wine country

At the beginning of Matt's spring break we took a little weekend trip to the Sonoma area to visit with family and do a little wine tasting if we got the chance. Confession: we also went there to see a Medium! haha. 

We stayed with my cousins Brent and Kassidy at their house. They were too kind, cooking for us and making us feel right at home. Unfortunately I was not on my game and managed to get zero pictures of Charlotte with any of our family!! I feel really awful about it, especially since it was the last time we would be up in that area before we move. :( Even though I failed in the picture category, we did have a lot of fun and created some amazing memories. 

first night, off to dinner. Someone is ready to eat!

We spent all day Friday at my Aunt Marlene's house. The medium, Tom, was staying at her house for the weekend, so we went over there for our reading. A medium is someone who communicates with the spirit world. Less of a "this is what will happen in your future" and more of a way for a deceased relative to say hello. Matt was a huge skeptic but I was excited and more open to the idea. Matt's Grandpa was the main presence in our reading. My beloved Grandpa came through at the end too. While some of the things the medium said were a little vague, there were quite a few times he was spot on (gave us the chills). It was very interesting to say the least.  

On Saturday we went out on a leisurely hike and then did a little wine tasting nearby. 
perfect day

stopped at the pond to play for a bit

saying hello to the geese

enjoying lunch after our hike. Loved that this place had a kids table. Charlotte was thrilled!

After a delicious breakfast on Sunday, we said our goodbyes and headed to Napa to get a couple of bottles of our favorite wines. First stop: Rombauer winery. While at Brent and Kassidy's house they let us enjoy a bottle of Rombauer Zinfandel and we were blown away. It was one of the best wines we had ever had! So of course we stopped in while we were in the area so we could grab a bottle to enjoy at home. 
beautiful gardens at Rombauer winery

look Mom, a cow!!

Stopping to smell the flowers

on our way to the next stop

And our second stop: Prager Winery. Matt loves their much so he decided to become a member! While there we enjoyed a tasting and picked up a couple of bottles to take home. You know, to tide us over until the first shipment comes! :)
daddy's favorite place: Prager Port Winery!

Teaching Charlotte how to wine taste. haha. She was really good at smelling it. 

It was a fun little weekend away and nice to be able to see everyone one last time before the big move. Thanks again for the hospitality Brent and Kassidy!!

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