Wednesday, April 2, 2014

whale watching and more

A few weeks ago we had a couple of special guests for the weekend: my Mom and her friends Jill and Richard. It was a full house and a full weekend. We played Monterey tourists and crossed a few things off our bucket list in the process. 

three generations


hugs for Papa Richard

First up was a tour whale watching. We got lucky and had really good weather. And we got to see humpback and gray whales while we were out there! My big fear is paying the money for the tour, spending four hours on the boat and not seeing a dang thing. Or getting sea sick. Thankfully that didn't happen to any of us. (other people on the boat weren't so lucky) Even Charlotte was able to make it the whole trip without going green. She must get her sea legs from her Daddy.

checking out the boats

one very happy seal

humpback whales!

waving hello

on his back showing off

shaking his tail feather 

kisses for mommy

Matt and I also managed to sneak in a date night: the movies! We saw Monuments Men, it was pretty good!

coloring in the yard while we were gone

And on Sunday, before they all headed home, we got to ride the Surrey bikes along the bay. I didn't even have this on my bucket list, but it sure was fun! And so much harder than it looks! Whenever I've seen tourists riding these things at a snails pace I figured they were either out of shape or enjoying the view, but those things are just really hard to pedal. It was a good time and Charlotte sure enjoyed the front row view:

stopped to "look at the seals" aka rest. haha

And finally, we got to cross one very important thing off our bucket list: a picture of us in front of our house!!!

the house

I think this one is my favorite, even though its mostly the view and not the house!

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