Monday, May 5, 2014

grandparents come to town

Over Matt's spring break we got to stick around Monterey and enjoy spending a week with his parents. I managed to take zero pictures with my camera, and I feel terrible about it. We should have done a little photo shoot with Miss C and her grandparents because she grows so quickly! Luckily Suzanne managed to take some pictures and send them on to me. 

During their stay we maintained a pretty low key schedule, mixing in little activities here and there to get us out of the house. 

Like the park....


teeter totter with friends

The Aquarium


She loves this place

Story time
reading reading reading with Grandpa

jump jump jump


watching Daddy juggle

A day in Carmel (yes we did a little wine tasting while there too!)
enjoying a yummy lunch out

During their stay they took a few days and went to explore Yosemite, Suzanne had never been. They got a little snow while there, which made for some wonderful photos. 

Matt and I also got a little date night while Grandma and Grandpa watched miss C (they even gave her a bath! Score!). We crossed a restaurant off our bucket list, Fishwife. OMG I wish we had discovered this place sooner!! It was amazing! And not that expensive. We even enjoyed a game of darts at a local bar before heading home.

Our final breakfast out with the whole family..
Charlotte was quite upset when she found out Grandma and Grandpa were leaving. Look at that scowl.

the eggs are watching

So glad they could make it out to Monterey one last time before we moved! And now that we will be closer, I am sure Charlotte will get to see a lot more of her Grandparents. :)

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