Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I'm TWO....let's celebrate!!

For Charlotte's 2nd birthday we went for a luau theme. No roasted pig though, burgers and hot dogs were just easier, especially since we moved in less than two weeks before the party! Our crowd this year was a tad smaller than last year, but still lots of fun. We were thrilled that people were willing and able to drive from the DC area out to the country to see us! And my Mom flew in just for the special day :)

all set up!

smiles with nana 

bff parker 

me and my birthday girl
The cookies brought it all together...
the only thing that we ran out of....the amazing cookies!!! Thank you Sarah at Songbird Sweets

checking out the giant hippo pillow!


best friends and our girls

singing to the birthday girl

so happy to finally get a cupcake!!


hoping for a handout

time for presents!


Thank you all who came out for the party, and everyone who sent our girl a birthday present!  We know a lot of you couldn't make it, and we were thinking about you that day. We even released the balloons the next morning, with a hello and kisses to Grandma, who was watching from heaven this year. Charlotte had a wonderful birthday and is excited about being two!! 

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