Monday, September 29, 2014

PCS'ing part 1: goodbye Monterey and California family

I know that I posted a lot of these pictures on Facebook while we were moving, but I wanted to do a proper recap for the case I never get around to making a photo album of this trip. Moving, settling in, chasing around a toddler, and somehow finding the time to craft out a photo album? Maybe when the kids go to school I can convince Matt to let me continue to stay home so I can craft and make photo albums. haha. In my dreams, I'm sure. :)

It is hard to believe that we said goodbye to Monterey 3 months ago. We miss it like crazy, especially all our family and friends on the west coast! First up was Matt's graduation....

look at how amazing fluffy my hair looks! thank you wind :)

rachel came down for the big day.


enjoying drinks at our house before dinner 
family shot 

enjoying a lemon at dinner. silly girl!

While we were waiting for them to pack up all our stuff, our good friends Courtney and Jason let us stay at their house. Charlotte and Bryce had a blast playing together non stop for 3 days. It was the perfect way to spend our last couple of days in Monterey.

Here is a little photo montage of Bryce and Charlotte trying to get it together for a picture. 

wait something isn't quite right

here let me help you fix your hat

how do I look?

all smiles for the camera!
Our first stop on our road trip was the good ol central valley of Cali. We spent some time with my family and had a little farewell/birthday party before we left. Perfect way to start our trip.
my great aunt and uncle! Good to see them again

cousin time in the water

hugs for Papa

stopping to have a snack. Love the kids table!

cousin Nathan playing with his new toys 
family shot with Auntie Jill and Papa

cousin love. Hannah was very concerned about Katie trying to sneak into the picture

Lawson photo op

and one with auntie kathy

can't forget about nana

kisses for Nana

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