Saturday, October 11, 2014

PCS'ing part 2: Lake Tahoe & a lot of desert

As I get ready to write this post I realize how little time has passed since this trip and how many little details I have already forgotten. Little things like what we did each day and where we went to dinner, details my Grandma would have written down on a piece of paper and kept forever. Thankfully her spirit was with me on our trip and I actually took some notes....on my computer. The modern post it. haha. And then of course I have this blog, which is now a journal and proper recap of our trip. 

PCS'ing part 2: Lake Tahoe!! 
one of our favorite spots in the world

We left Sacramento and headed for Tahoe on Sunday. We arrived in the afternoon and checked into our amazing hotel, the Hyatt in Incline Village. Beautiful hotel, two pools, a block or less to the lake. Dog friendly. And champagne upon arrival! SOLD!

All that for two nights?! Yea...well...what can ya do when you're moving cross country?! 

As soon as we got in and scoped out the room we went straight to the pool. Charlotte couldn't wait to get in! She loved it!!

Harley also enjoyed our stay at the Hyatt. Our room was on the first floor with a little patio so he could easily go outside. Plus he had his own bed and water bowl, etc, provided by the hotel. Love dog friendly places. Not that he used the dog bed.....

After our swim at the pool we went out to dinner at Garwood restaurant. Yummy yummy and right on the water with a beautiful sunset view. 

On Monday we enjoyed a leisurely morning: a nice walk through the local neighborhood and some ogling at the multi million dollar homes. We also started daydreaming and talking about which homes we liked and what we would get if we moved there. Ahhh....someday we hope to call this place home. 

Then it was off to the lake!! Hot hot hot outside but BRRrrr water! It was cold (of course) but lots of fun, especially for Miss Charlotte!

a little family portrait in front of the lake

We followed up the beach time with some more pool time to make sure Charlotte was good and exhausted for nap time. It was an active nap time, we took a walk into Incline Village while Charlotte slept in the stroller. Then it was dinner time. We met up with my good friend, Jenn, at another favorite of ours, Christy Hill. Drinks and Apps there and then over to Blue Agave Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was a fun night catching up. Wish we could have stayed longer!


heaven on earth

story time in the big bed!

going for a walk in daddy's shoes

goodbye tahoe!!! 

Leaving Tahoe and driving to Salt Lake City was one of our longest days. 8+ hours in a car, with a toddler, and nowhere good to stop and break up the trip. Just a very long drive with a lot of nothing to look at. About half way through our day, this happened.....

Our roof rack broke and some (thankfully not all) of our stuff flew out onto the freeway! WTH?!! Somehow none of it got ran over and we were able to gather it all back up without getting hit. And even more miraculously, we were able to squeeze it all into the car. After that frightening little experience, and much discussion, we decided not to get another one. We were convinced it would end up happening again and since we could fit it into the car, there was no point in risking it. It just meant a lot more time loading and unloading the car each and every time. And some serious strategy.

SLC was pretty uneventful. Well except for Miss C not feeling good the day we left. :(

morning cartoons
pictures in front of the state signs!

Matt "skiing" in Utah

next up: the tetons!

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