Wednesday, October 29, 2014

PCS'ing part 5: Mount Rushmore & the South

let's just get right to it....

Driving out of Wyoming and into South Dakota. Wide open views. 

great faces. great places. south dakota
 On our way to Mount Rushmore we stopped at Devil's Tower. I had never heard of it before but it came highly recommended and it was a nice little pit stop. We had lunch in the little park and took a few pictures before scaling the top. j/ rock climbing for us!
One of my favorite pictures. Looks like we were photoshopped in!

proof harley didn't stay locked in the hotel or car the entire time!

We arrived at our campsite in the afternoon and quickly unpacked. We stayed at the awesome Mount Rushmore KOA. I have never seen such a cool campsite before! They had two pools, playgrounds, bounce houses, restaurants. All the basics plus more. We got a modest little cabin overlooking a large open field and the RV's. 

super excited to be out of the car!

front room with a great view

harley relaxing on the bed and checking everything out
 After grabbing some dinner at the on site Mexican restaurant (decent), we headed over to Mount Rushmore to see the night show. There was a presentation, a movie and a lighting ceremony. It was a USA prep rally! It was so moving...definitely a place that all Americans should see.
walking in at sunset

all lit up! 
I really wanted to "kill it", so we went back the next day to see it during the day. We saw all the exhibits and walked around the path in front of the monument. It was so hot out but a lot of fun. We got some great family pictures and a Christmas ornament for our tree.

see any family resemblance with the man on the far right?!  :)

Then it was back to the room to change and head over to the pool before nap time! Charlotte was super excited. 
off we go

playing in the splash park with Daddy
 We ate at an amazing steak restaurant, Alpine Inn, in Hill City that night. Sooo good!! Then it was s'mores time!! Charlotte enjoyed her very first s'more over the campfire :)

 After two fun days we were off to the south to continue our adventure. A pit stop at the Badlands...

Matt made a friend in Sioux Falls, SD
Proof that Matt didn't drive the entire time

Family shot with the arch. It was so hot!!

had to lay on the ground to get this picture


enjoying some BBQ in Missouri. Mmmm

cuddles with H
 We eventually made it to Tennessee where we got to spend some time with our friends Josh and Francis and their girls. So glad we were able to see them on our trip! I know Charlotte loved having some playmates for a few days too.
going for a walk

playing outside with Miss Francis

splash park time!

having a blast!

two beauties :)
up next: never before seen photos: Florida and our cruise!!

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