Wednesday, February 25, 2015

16 week bumpie etc...

Hello all! It's hard to believe it is almost March! Thank goodness though, Spring can't get here soon enough. And I just saw on my calendar that daylight savings begins in 10 days. yes! I love the longer brighter evenings, like most people right?! And it means that warm weather is around the corner. BBQ's, summer concerts, evenings on the deck, vacation. Ah. 

While I definitely miss the consistent weather of California, I did not appreciate it enough when I lived there. When every day was the same, it was no big deal. Now I know we will soak up every single warm day we get. I say that now. Ask me again when its like 100 and humid. Bleh. Maybe those days we just spend at the pool. Sounds divine (especially right's 35 out). But I am trying to just think 4 weeks we will be off to Cali and then Hawaii for our warm weather vaca! (what's the hashtag?! #sorryimnotsorry) We are all so excited, counting down the days. Especially Miss C! 

And before we take off we should know weather baby #2 is a boy or girl! I don't know when we will post it, we may do a gender reveal when we are in California for my west coast family. :) For now, I have a few bumpie pictures for you, as well as some of our days at home. And a few videos to spice it up a bit. 

isn't she the cutest?
 I know, you can't really see the bump, but trust me, it's there. The sweater is covering it up pretty good. And this week girls at the gym started to notice, so it has def popped.

We got some snow! A good amount...finally!! SO beautiful 
OMG are those icicles?! Oh no, just our xmas lights. 

venturing out to go pee. what a brave little fellow.

out helping Dad shovel

my worker bees
 She would have stayed out all day if I let her. 
shoveling. one scoop at a time. 

A little bit of fun around the house....

Charlotte took this one of me all by herself!

she also took this one. A condiment tower. 

Because of the cold weather and snow we haven't been able to venture outside very much. So my photos and recaps are a tad boring! We have been house bound quite a bit and have led a pretty uneventful life. We are really looking forward to the spring and summer when we can head outside and do a lot more activities. Swimming more often, the zoo, the park, etc.   For now it's a lot of this....

morning cuddles for Harley

dressing up as Cinderella and letting H smell her breath. haha

Every day this girl is getting smarter and smarter. She is so well behaved and kind. She is such a happy little girl and we just can't imagine loving her more than we do. Plus she is funny as heck!

out to dinner, chowing down on spaghetti

Mommy being told to wear the antlers and chase her. haha

family cuddles

Charlotte did have her first real dentist appointment the other day and did great. She sat in the chair like a big girl, didn't cry or squirm at all. She let them exam and clean her teeth without any fuss! I was so proud! And no cavities, so she got to take a picture with the bird, Flossy.
but she didn't want to look at the camera

We also go to gymnastics at least once a week to get out of the house and work off some energy. She loves it!

goofy girl!

Harley loves the cold weather and does a lot of this....

This funny little gem was taken around New Years. I submitted it to America's Funniest Home Videos, yes that show still exists. haha.

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