Friday, February 6, 2015

here we go again....

Matt, Charlotte, Harley and I are happy to announce that Baby Clute #2 is on the way.....
well maybe Charlotte isn't so happy...

peanut #2

good close up of the face

we expect this little one to arrive in August 2015. And as you can see, NO TWINS!! (Yes I was extremely nervous there were going to be two little ones in there. phew!)

It is hard to believe we are going to be a family of 4.5 before we know it....that Charlotte will no longer be an only child, that we will have a screaming infant again! Wait....are we sure about this?! I am confident this little one is going to be much easier in the beginning than Charlotte was, for two reasons: 1. We deserve it. We were tortured with her and it's only fair. 2. We are much more experienced and have all sorts of tricks up our sleeve we can try.

I am currently 14 weeks, just starting the second trimester and happy to be feeling like a normal human being again. No severe morning sickness, but a fair amount of constant annoying nausea that I could have done without. Food was not appealing at all and I am happy that has finally changed. Of course I have preferences/cravings.....cup o noodles (those can't be healthy at all), scones/muffins, and carbs in general (Cheetos). I hope I can keep my cravings under control so I don't gain nearly as much with this one as I did with Char but considering I will be very pregnant during the heat of the summer in DC, water weight here I come!

The truth is.....Harley is the one who is super disappointed he will have to share me with yet another child, and Charlotte could not be happier. She is constantly talking and kissing the belly. It's adorable. It's going to be even more fun the bigger the baby gets, when you can really see the movements.

Since this is the 2nd baby, I am definitely showing already. Here is a little photo comparison of me at 11 & 13 weeks with each of the kiddos. 

hard to tell on this one with the sweater. oh well
Ok so it doesn't really look that different but it sure feels like I'm showing early. haha

p.s. anyone got any guesses boy or girl? I have my guess but I won't share just yet. We should find out some time in March!

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Meredith said...

So excited for you guys! Great post as always!!! xo