Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's a......

Right before we left on our trip we had a little gender reveal party with our east coast family. We had the sonogram done, told the tech we didn't want to know (she put the info into an envelope) which we promptly gave to our neighbor. She was nice enough to make us an adorable cake for the party...

could not have asked for a better cake!

Then we headed over to Nikki's house for a little get together. Finally the time came to cut the cake....

"let's cut this open!! I'm hungry!!"

first reactions!

pink :)


We could not be more thrilled to have another little girl. Charlotte will have a little sister to play with and Matt will be out numbered big time. Even though I thought all along that this baby was a girl, I was still shocked and surprised when we cut open the cake. It was a really fun way to find out. 


exhausted after a long fun day

We managed to keep it a secret from our west coast family until we were able to have a little gender reveal for them. This time I made the cake...

not as good as the first but acceptable. Prob won't be starting my own cake decorating business anytime soon

 We went over to Aunt Gail and Uncle Paul's house where the kids played outside in the water and had a blast! Charlotte rocked the panty only swimsuit. haha 
thirsty Nathan?

sword fighting with bear

After some yummy food it was time to cut the cake. I let my mom cut open this one (Charlotte helped) while I took the pictures. Almost everyone was wearing blue, thinking it was a boy. I guess they had been quizzing C when I wasn't around and the girl was throwing them off! She even saw me make the cake and still told people it was blue. haha!

it's a girl!!!
excited hugs for Nana

kisses from Papa. He was the only one on team pink, despite his blue shirt :)

hugs for cousin Hannah. And little poser Nathan in the back. so cute!

And here is the most recent photo of our little girl....

and my 21 week bump photo...

Wow. Two girls. I am so excited to call them "the girls", just like when I was growing up. Having only one sister myself, this feels like a good fit. Matt couldn't be more happy to have a bundle of girls to call his own. And bonus: we can reuse all our girl clothes! yay!!

now to choose a name for this little peanut...

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