Thursday, May 21, 2015

what's in a name?

Why is it that choosing a name for a baby is so hard? Before getting pregnant or having a baby it sounds like the funnest thing in the world. You dream about what you will name your little girl or little boy for what feels like your entire life (especially if you are a girl), and nowadays you even keep a list on your phone. Then all of a sudden you see that pink line appear on that pregnancy test and all those names you imaged would be perfect sound terrible and you wonder what the hell you were thinking when you even wrote that name down. You would think finding out if its a boy or girl would narrow it down, and it can, but I can tell you it doesn't get easier. And just wait until you hold that little bundle in your arms and they hand you the birth certificate to fill out and all of a sudden the weight of the world is on your shoulders. "Am I SURE this is the right name?" "Do they really look like a ..." "What about all those other names we were considering?" "Where is my phone, let me see that list!" I actually had to have Matt fill out Charlotte's because my hands were shaking I was so nervous. This is naming a person!!! They have to live with that name for the rest of their lives. Well technically they could change it if they so desire but how would THAT make you feel? Like a pretty big failure in the name choosing book right?!! I chose this name for you and you better love it!! haha

I will say that we knew we wanted to name Charlotte, Charlotte, for most of the pregnancy. It just felt right. And yet when the time came to pull the trigger and fill out the forms I was so nervous and all of a sudden unsure. So now we have another little girl on the way and we have to choose just the right name for her. That is so much harder than it seems. We want a name that goes well with Charlotte but isn't too similar. And I am paranoid we will end up with a few name options on the day she is born, but no solid winner. Which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if I thought I would be somewhat confident I could make a decision! I am worried I will choke under pressure and then Matt will choose. Talk about a burden. This could be a recipe for blame for years to come. jk. I wouldn't do that. Well I guess that depends on how bad the name is.

I actually have a current favorite name, but it isn't Matt's favorite. Any chance giving birth to this little one gives me extra bonus points I can use as leverage when making the name official?! I will say we are pretty sure on a middle name. There are two solid choices, both family names that we both agree on and love. So that's something right? 

So for anyone that was hoping to know the name before hand, good luck. Unless you can see into the future with your magical crystal ball (which, if you have one, I would like to borrow btw) we will all be on pins and needles until little miss makes her appearance later this summer. So much for monogramming anything ahead of time!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

dear baby girl....

sweet girl,

I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with you, just starting the third trimester. It is hard to believe that you will be here in 3 short months. It seems like just yesterday we were finding out we were pregnant with you! And while sometimes I forget I'm pregnant, you tend to remind me often enough with little kicks and jabs in my lower belly, especially at night. I hope this doesn't mean you will be a night owl. I remember when I could first feel you in there. In the morning I could feel you pushed up against my belly, a little hard lump about the size of a golf ball. You have now grown to the size of my hand, and I am sure that is just your tushy and back I feel. Before I know it I will be holding you in my arms. Wow.   

Someone else is very excited to meet you too (besides Daddy of course)...your sister Charlotte. I am sure you feel her little pokes and jabs when she is climbing all over me, not to mention her little voice. She tries to peek into my belly button to see what you are doing in there. "Kicking and wiggling" she tell me, sounds about right. And while I know you girls won't always get along, I hope you are as close as can be and the best of friends. Having a sister is a very special gift. 

I am so curious to see what you look like, what your personality will be like, etc. Right now I can only imagine an exact replica of Charlotte coming out, but I know that is not the case. I am very different from my sister and I know you will be different from C too. Hopefully that also means you will be an easy baby :). No matter what you will always be special and unique and very loved by all of already are. 

See you in a few months little one. 

Love Always,


Some of these pictures are repeats, but I wanted to include them in this little "bump" update anyways. Plus, perhaps you can see a little growth as time progresses. And I know I say this every time, but gosh the belly sure feels bigger than it looks in these photos! I almost can't imagine it being any bigger, and yet I still have 3 months to go. I also think it feels bigger than my first pregnancy but again I am proven wrong when I pull out the other photos (as I did here below too). Maybe it is because this little peanut is sitting much lower than Charlotte did?! All I know is that bending over is hard work, and I never had a problem sneezing before and now the occasional ah-choo could mean a little pee comes out. lol. I obviously need to be working on my kegel exercises. Oh, I think maybe now is a good time. (hold for 10 seconds...release for 10....repeat). haha. 

Bumpies from week 22 to 27.....
22 weeks. Five Months

22 weeks. Five Months

23 weeks with Charlotte. Also on SF

23.5 weeks. Kisses from Sissy

23.5 weeks
24 weeks with Charlotte

the sign says it all here, 25 weeks. 2 weeks until the third trimester!

27 weeks! happy third trimester!!

When is your due date?
8/5/15. I think she will be early or right on time
What week are you in?
27! Just starting the 3rd trimester!
How many pounds have you gained so far?
20lbs (same as with C)
Do you know the gender of your baby?
I'm told it's a girl, but for some reason I am paranoid they are wrong. haha. I hope to get another ultrasound towards the end to check baby's position and make sure she is really a girl. 
Do you have a name picked out?
nope. a short list but nothing for sure, kinda nerve racking haha
How are you feeling right about now? 
I am still feeling really good. I am still able to work out regularly with minor adjustments. I had to cut back a lot at this time when I was pregnant with C, so I am glad I am still able to keep going right now. Walking on a treadmill or stair master can get old after a while.
Do you feel you are ready for her arrival?
hahaha. kinda. I am excited for her arrival, but we are not quite set up just yet. I actually ordered the crib and dresser this week....finally!! I think that will make it a lot more real. There is still a lot to do, most of which will end up getting completed in the last month I'm sure. 
Any food cravings?
now that it's hotter out, fro-yo sounds amazing for dessert. Oh and sandwiches. I sound like Joey from Friends. Sandwiches and chips. yum. And fruit. Fruit never tasted so delicious.
First thing you plan to eat or drink after having the baby?
Wine! I have had lots of wine cravings lately, so I am going to savor my first post pregnancy glass. mmm.
Any random comments or unwanted belly rubs?
Yes Rachel keeps telling me how huge I am and that she just can't imagine how my belly can get any bigger. Thanks. Even Matt knows better than to ever tell a woman she looks huge.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

from Easter to California....

Between finding out our peanut is a girl and going to Hawaii, we have done a few other fun things. Here is my little catch up post....

We took Charlotte to the circus in March. At first I didn't want to go because I am against their use of elephants in these shows, but when we heard they were going to stop using elephants all together in the next few years, I figured we would give it a shot. (plus we got cheap tickets via groupon) I have to admit, it was pretty awesome. Charlotte loved every single thing they did. And when the gymnasts were performing, she was attempting hand stands in her seat. so cute.

pre-show show.

up close with one of the elephants

enjoying some popcorn mmmm

lions and tigers oh my!

the elephants. they really are amazing creatures.

Of course the Easter Bunny stopped by our house before we left on our trip. He knew we wouldn't be home and had some stuff for Charlotte for her big trip. She was thrilled!

headed straight for the bubble guppies book first 

new sunnies for the trip


putting it in her piggy bank

wearing her new "glass" slippers. best target dollar spot purchase ever.
Our neighbor gave us this little bunny for our front yard. Charlotte was so excited she wanted to keep her inside the whole time.
happy easter

hugs for the bunny

Before and after Hawaii we spent some time in Cali visiting family. Nana got a new puppy, we took some pictures on a farm, and soaked up some of the good weather. 
playing with the puppies

look I got one!!
I wish we had a place like this near us. Perfect for young kiddos...
At fairy tale town with cousin Hannah

and Nathan!

going down the BIG slide!! 

and a twisty one

ooo that one is fast!!

tractor time

upset that the ponies don't actually move. She wanted to ride something

but a good sport when it was time to smile for the camera.

"cheese" in the cheese

why hello there nathan!

hilarious that nobody chose to be dorothy. haha

And while we were in Cali an extra week, Matt spent some time with Mr Jack :) The Clute resemblance is strong

park time

trying on Rachel's fire helmet. looking sharp

And finally we had some "girl" family photos taken at an adorable farm....

Before we knew it it was time to head back home. Charlotte did great on the plane flight, thankfully when it was just her and I it was a direct flight. Much easier to handle alone. 
all ready to go!