Tuesday, May 5, 2015

from Easter to California....

Between finding out our peanut is a girl and going to Hawaii, we have done a few other fun things. Here is my little catch up post....

We took Charlotte to the circus in March. At first I didn't want to go because I am against their use of elephants in these shows, but when we heard they were going to stop using elephants all together in the next few years, I figured we would give it a shot. (plus we got cheap tickets via groupon) I have to admit, it was pretty awesome. Charlotte loved every single thing they did. And when the gymnasts were performing, she was attempting hand stands in her seat. so cute.

pre-show show.

up close with one of the elephants

enjoying some popcorn mmmm

lions and tigers oh my!

the elephants. they really are amazing creatures.

Of course the Easter Bunny stopped by our house before we left on our trip. He knew we wouldn't be home and had some stuff for Charlotte for her big trip. She was thrilled!

headed straight for the bubble guppies book first 

new sunnies for the trip


putting it in her piggy bank

wearing her new "glass" slippers. best target dollar spot purchase ever.
Our neighbor gave us this little bunny for our front yard. Charlotte was so excited she wanted to keep her inside the whole time.
happy easter

hugs for the bunny

Before and after Hawaii we spent some time in Cali visiting family. Nana got a new puppy, we took some pictures on a farm, and soaked up some of the good weather. 
playing with the puppies

look I got one!!
I wish we had a place like this near us. Perfect for young kiddos...
At fairy tale town with cousin Hannah

and Nathan!

going down the BIG slide!! 

and a twisty one

ooo that one is fast!!

tractor time

upset that the ponies don't actually move. She wanted to ride something

but a good sport when it was time to smile for the camera.

"cheese" in the cheese

why hello there nathan!

hilarious that nobody chose to be dorothy. haha

And while we were in Cali an extra week, Matt spent some time with Mr Jack :) The Clute resemblance is strong

park time

trying on Rachel's fire helmet. looking sharp

And finally we had some "girl" family photos taken at an adorable farm....

Before we knew it it was time to head back home. Charlotte did great on the plane flight, thankfully when it was just her and I it was a direct flight. Much easier to handle alone. 
all ready to go!

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