Monday, June 15, 2015

All things May.....

Somehow May just flew by without me even realizing it! One minute we just got back from vacation and the next it's June. WHAT?! I did manage to take some pictures of our activities. Perhaps it was because we upgraded our camera so I had to try it out?! Either way, there are a few good ones in here somewhere....

You know you are really good friends with someone when a bunch of time can pass and when you see each other again you can pick up right where you left off. No awkward convo necessary. I am so thankful to have a friends like that. It had been almost a year since we saw Carol, Kyle and Teagan and we were so excited when they got to move out to the DC area too! We met up on a perfectly overcast day at the National Zoo and had a wonderful time. It's no San Diego, but it was free and pretty easy to walk (San Diego Zoo has some hills). And the girls had a wonderful time.

all ready to go in!

love the elephants!

getting a head ride from Dad!


kisses from my little monkey

probably our favorite exhibit

Charlotte's favorite part: the merry go round!

can you find the 4th orangutan?

mr lion

group shot. C was tired and ready to go, no smiling from her. 

hugs from Teagan

Nikki had a birthday in May....the big 30! To celebrate we took a drive and went on a little hike together, grabbed some wine while a rain storm passed by, and ended with a yummy dinner at an Italian food restaurant. mmmm.
off we go!


enjoying the free ride from Dad

walking by herself like a big girl

Jack just chilling at the winery..."can someone hand me my glass please?!"

One of our big spring purchases....the playstructure!! We wanted to get it set up before the heat of the summer, and while it took a little longer than we thought, it is now complete and C could not be happier. 
Matt put his friends to work...Jared digging out some grass. 

he also made Rachel and Charlotte help too. Rachel, not so happy about it. Charlotte, thrilled!

grass out, ground level, mulched. Good to go!

day one of installation.....another great friend, Ryan, over to help

Matt "who the hell wrote these instructions?!"

end of day one. progress.

end of day 2. complete!

swings are the perfect size for her! She loves it!!
Charlotte approves!!

Jessica came out to visit us over Memorial Day weekend! It had been just over 6 months since we saw each other in Philly where we spent an awesome weekend attending soccer and football games, but it was if we saw each other yesterday. Except a lot has changed!! Somehow we both got knocked up! What?! It would be even more perfect if we were both having girls or boys so our babies could be besties too, but I suppose we can settle for friends with a possible arranged marriage in their future. Or is that frowned upon these days?! :)

We spent Jessica's first day here just lounging around and catching up. We tried to check out a local "tourist" stop, Dr Mudd's house, but there was an unpleasant vomiting incident in the parking lot. All over the car seat, clothes, etc. Charlotte just wanted to give Jessica a taste of what it's like to have a child. You never know what to expect. On Sunday we headed over to Jim and Jen's house for a BBQ for Memorial Day. It was hot but fun! Well except for the not drinking part, ah next year. 
prego besties

splash splashing

look it's Mike!

homemade slip n slide

stay classy BJ

Jack trying it out, not impressed.

enjoying her solo time in the baby pool

chasing Aunt Nikki til she passes out

playing in Jack's bouncer. Someone still wants to be a baby.

trying her hand at hill billy golf.

only some of us can enjoy the spa. boo.

This is how Harley gets exercise nowadays.....

Before Jess had to go back home on Monday we took her to one of our favorite spots, National Harbor. We rode the Ferris Wheel and Carousel, obviously. Yes we like to take most of our tourist guests here. :)

love this pic!

riding the ferris wheel at National Harbor.

now on to the carousel! Yes she chose to ride the creepy dragon

selfie with Dad

the perfect wave
It was so great to see Jessica, even if it was for a short little trip. I can't wait to see her again, and to meet her little guy. Both these kiddos will be here before we know it. 

Goodbye May. Thanks for the mild and lovely weather (most of the time). Not exactly looking forward to the warm and blazing hot summer. 

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