Monday, June 8, 2015

book review: Rebel Queen

After waiting for what seemed like forever, Michelle Moran's much anticipated new book, Rebel Queen, was published in March.  I could not wait to dive in and devour it. And it coincided perfectly with our family vacation. Beach/Pool time with a new book in my hand....heaven. It took me a tad longer than normal to finish the book (toddlers make it harder to find quality reading time), but I have and let me tell you, I loved it.

Rebel Queen takes place in India, and is told from the viewpoint of Sita, one of the Queen's female soldiers. You immediately fall in love with this character and root for her success the entire time. Her childhood, her family, and her unknown future are intriguing and interesting. Like a typical Michelle Moran book, I found myself thinking about it after every time I stopped reading. It was captivating and well written. 

My only wish: that I could have read some of the events from the viewpoint of the Queen. There is much turmoil during the book, most of which peaks at the very end. Reading Queen Lakshmi's thoughts and personal feelings during that time would be very fascinating. 

For those that have not read it yet, make sure to grab your copy. Enjoy!

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