Monday, June 22, 2015

sprinkle for little miss

About a week ago our friends and family in the DC area came over to our house and we had a wonderful sprinkle for littlest baby Clute. My fabulous sister-in-laws, Jen and Nikki, and my BFF Meredith hosted the get together and did an amazing job. It was better than I could have imagined and a lot of fun. We are so blessed to have such thoughtful people in our lives.

But before the recap and pictures of the sprinkle, let's check out how much this little rascal has grown in the last few weeks (not to mention the evolution of my hair. lol)

Bumpie Besties:
Jess 22.5 weeks, me 29.5 weeks. Before the hair apt, check out those roots!

30 weeks and too blonde!!
I'm also going to blame the lighting, haha

Darker hair & a sneak peak of little miss's nursery! has recovered and is somewhat back to normal. :)
I will have a whole post devoted to her nursery in the next few weeks!

And now on top the sprinkle!! 
come on in!
32.5 weeks bumpie!
 beautiful cake!! Purple and gold, just like her nursery 

the delicious spread. All I ate were the donuts.

Family, neighbors, old friends, and new friends. A perfect mix for the perfect little party. Thank you ladies for coming all the way out to Southern Maryland to celebrate with us!

group shot of the ladies. Gents and other kiddos were left outside. 

And while the ladies had fun and stayed cool inside, Matt and Josh were in charge of all the kiddos outside. They did a great job and nobody got injured!
a few of the monkeys playing on the swings

staying cool inside

Not so sure about each other. 

go Bernice go!

adorable baby clothes!

creepy "let me in now" look

Dad supervising the kiddos

Charlotte also got a few "big sister" presents from some of her friends. So sweet and generous of them! She thought it was her birthday. :) Anything with presents has to be because it's your birthday right?!
opening her presents!

so excited!!

babies chatting

mmm cake time!!

a little flower to sprinkle with love

so tired after a long day
Matt felt the same way as Harley. Me, I was floating on a cloud until I finally settled down for bed. It was a great day and I really enjoyed being able to celebrate our littlest girl with some good friends and family. Thank you to all who came and a extra special BIG thanks to Jen, Nikki, and Meredith for putting together such a special day for us!

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