Monday, July 6, 2015

8 months and counting!

Little Miss ~ 

Yesterday was my birthday, the big 32!, and exactly one month until your due date. Wow. Less than 5 weeks. Well, let's say that somewhere between 3 and 7 weeks you will be here. That is insanity. On the one hand I am ready for you to come out so we can meet you, see what you look like, and snuggle you to pieces. Plus, being pregnant in the summer is no walk in the park, especially chasing your sister around too. But I also want to keep you in there as long as possible, really enjoy the last few weeks when you are all mine. Once you come out there will be so many people that want to hold and love on you, but right now it's just me. I get to nurture and protect you as you grow. I love to feel all your wiggles, they remind me you are doing ok in there. Your movements are subtle and you rarely get the hiccups (Charlotte got them all the time). You are a bit more of a night owl, kicking up a storm around bed time. And of course you are wide awake around meal time, especially when there is dessert involved. 

I wonder if any of those will be a part of your personality once you come out. Will you still be a night owl (I hope not!)? Are you going to love to eat (most likely yes)? I do know one thing, once you come out we have to pick a name for you. No we still haven't finalized one, although we do have it narrowed down to three. Hopefully once we see your beautiful face we will have an epiphany and your name will just come to us. Fingers crossed. But no worries because by the time you get old enough to read this you will already have a name. We will say "it fits you perfectly and we can't imagine you as anything else". You will, of course, agree and love your name and wonder what the big fuss was the entire time anyways. Parents.

So as these last few weeks start to wind down, I am trying to squeeze lots of stuff in. Some outings with your sister (since they will be few and far between when you get here), starting/completing some photo albums (including your baby book), getting your room all done (it's close!) and reading my birthing book again. Despite what they say, I do remember what it was like the first time around. You would think that since I am "experienced" I would be less nervous, but it is exactly the opposite. I am more worried about something going wrong, needing to be transferred, and the possibility of a long labor. I do know there is almost nothing I can do about those things except be positive and surround myself with skilled people, which we plan to do. All I can do is hope that you make your appearance quickly (but not too quick. Just give Daddy time to get home) and safely. And somehow it is still mind boggling that a human, who is half Daddy and half me, will be in my arms in a few short weeks. That you are alive and growing in my belly. I don't think anyone can ever fully grasp the amazing process that is pregnancy and childbirth. 

I hope you enjoy your last few weeks snuggled up inside. It's going to be a little different once you come on out. Shocking at first but give it is wonderful and unique and fun. We can't wait to show you the world and watch you grow and learn every single day. 

See you soon sweet girl.

Mommy & Daddy

This is probably one of my favorite pictures of you and I. You will probably see this often as I plan to frame it and put it in your room.
32 weeks 2 days.

And here is a bathing suit bumpie while we were at the Outer Banks. In 10 years this suit will be old school and I will say "what was I thinking wearing chevron?!" But hey, right now, it is soooo IN! 2015 maternity fashion at it's finest.
34 weeks

And from our most recent photo shoot at 8 months!!
35 weeks 5 days

How big is baby?? SOOO Big!!
lean back and stick that bump out!!
Notice my new "wedding" ring? Found it at Grandma's house and it fits perfectly now that my ring finger is a tad larger than it used to be. 

Haven't had one of C with the sign in a long time!!
looking like such a big girl!

and of course one of Daddy at 8 months
what a handsome fella

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