Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Maternity photos: week 32

A few weeks ago we went out to Jefferson Patterson Park in Calvert County and had the maternity pictures taken. At first I wasn't sure I even wanted/needed maternity pictures, but I found a great photographer who was reasonably priced and decided to go for it. Plus, I really wanted to document my last bump. The last time I will be pregnant. Well, most likely. I mean you can never really say never right? Unless of course someone makes it permanent, but then again when are things ever permanent? Accidents do happen. Matt is cringing as he reads this because he is happy with two and no more. He is probably making an appointment with his Dr right now. haha. 

We started out at barn, moved to an open field and a beautiful tree lined street and ended the shoot on a private little beach. There wasn't a soul around, it was perfect. Charlotte cooperated most of the time. She did good in the beginning and faded a lot more once we got to the beach where all she cared about was playing in the water. It was really hot that day so I can't really blame her. In the end we had quite a few pictures and plenty of great ones to choose from. Thank you Christi Wilson Photography for capturing this special moment in our lives! Now I just need to choose which ones will receive the honor of being framed and displayed in our house! 

kisses for Mama and baby

i'm a big sister!!

one of my favorites :)

kisses for sister


Does this picture look familiar? Different location but very similar to our engagement photos taken 6.5 years ago! Instead of H in the middle it's now Charlotte. Don't worry, Harley is still around, but dealing with C and H during a photo shoot is not my idea of a good time so he got to kick it at home for this one. Not to mention it was really hot out, which he hates. 

So, how different do we look? 

silly little monkey

another engagement look alike :)
same foot kicked out too. haha

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