Monday, July 27, 2015

summer 2015: outer banks

At the end of June we had a couple of "firsts"....our first trip to the Outer Banks (can't live on the East Coast and not go there) and our first family vacation with the Clutes. We spent a week in Nags Head (Harley got to go too) and had a wonderful time relaxing on the beach with family. We rented a house less than a block from the beach. Every day we had a relaxing breakfast and carted all our stuff out to the sand for a few hours of play. We were all in heaven!!

my favorite picture of the kiddos!

i have the same picture of me at this age


it's no San Diego dog doggies to play with!

Right after this picture was taken Charlotte took off running down the beach and wouldn't stop, then Harley proceeded to walk right to the water's edge and take a dump. It was quickly swept away by the water, not that I had any poop bags with me, or that I could have picked it up since I was chasing Charlotte and trying to get her to stop. I'm sure the people nearby thought we were quite the circus act. 
what a happy boy!!

One of the days we spent the morning at the local Aquarium. It was super cute and Charlotte had a wonderful time. Nice to do something a little different one of the days. 

checking out the turtle

LOVING the hurricane force winds! haha

giving her sick turtle a check up. She could have spent all day in here!

my what a large tongue you have!

dinosaur exhibit. pretty cool!!

One morning we had some clouds and sprinkles so we headed over to the kids museum, about 15 minutes from the house. It was very similar to the museum I took her to in Monterey and for 2 hours she played non stop and never once asked for a snack. She fished, went surfing, played dress up, went shopping, played doctor and built some towers. Heaven for a two year old!! Wish we had a place like this in Southern Maryland. 
little princess C

trying out the surf board

checking out at the grocery store. She tried to buy the entire store. :)

Empty beach on a perfect morning

H loves vacation!

off he goes!

goodbye pyramid

34 weeks!

Charlotte and her new friend

jump Grandma jump!

looking for sharks with Grandpa

On our last day, Jim, Jen and Jack spent the day with us. It was also Matt's birthday! We, of course, spent most of the time at the beach or in the hot tub, then went to dinner and got some really awesome family pictures on the beach. 

not so thrilled about the water :(


two crying kids with their Dads....Jack not loving the water and Charlotte got sand in her eyes. 

snacking in the sun

drinks before dinner 

Matt's birthday dinner....mmm lobster!

getting her groove on!

a pile of Clutes!!

Family photo shoot.....The pictures came out great!!
group shot!

us. Charlotte didn't want to take a picture....haha

Nikki and Mike

The J crew

all the "Clutes"

the parentals

add in those grandkids!

just the girls


Dads and their babies 
Since it was so close to the 4th, we had to end our trip with a few little sparklers. Charlotte didn't want to hold them at all, probably a good thing.

not so thrilled about going home!! 

It was a wonderful trip and so nice to spend that time with family. Matt and I even got a chance to sneak out for a few little "dates"...the movies and a pedicure :). We were all bummed to be heading back home and back to reality. Until next time Outer Banks!

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