Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy 1 Month Norah


You are now one month old! How is it that one month has gone by already? I think I blinked, yep that was it, note to self: no more blinking. Every day you get bigger and bigger. You now weigh in at 9lbs 6ozs and are 21.25 inches long (50% overall). And you have already outgrown your newborn clothes. Wow. I am pretty sure that when I agreed to have another baby, you agreed not to grow up. So you can stop growing now. Please? Ugh. 

why hello blue eyes!

"this is my good side"

harley the measuring stick! 

Your first month has been wonderful. You are a really good, happy baby. Every time you start to fall asleep you get the biggest smile on your face. 
talk about perfect camera timing!

I have never seen a baby do that before, and I hope it is something you do forever. You are pretty laid back and only cry for a reason. Sometimes that reason is to be held, but who doesn't love a good cuddle?! We have not had to bring out the exercise ball to bounce you (thank goodness!) and there have only been a few rough nights, which is to be expected. You are super squeaky, especially when you wake up. I need to make sure to get that on video because it is absolutely adorable. You love to be swaddled or carried around in the pack/moby. I'm glad you do too because otherwise I may not be able to get anything done! In fact, you are currently asleep in the Moby while I write this blog. Multi-tasking at it's best!

passed out last night while I made more pictures mom, please

You have already met a lot of family and have been on quite a few outings so far. I guess that is life with an older sibling, can't keep you locked away in the house forever! 

Within the first few days you got to meet most of the Clute side of the family.....
hello Aunt Nikki


Jack trying to figure out if Harley is a cat or a dog....

You also met Grandma and Uncle Mike, but sadly I don't have photos of them holding you, but don't worry, next time I will get some. Grandma is coming back in a few weeks so we will have a little photo shoot then.

And then Nana came to visit for two whole weeks! We were able to do lots of fun things since we had extra hands....the park, errands, national harbor, the mall. Thankfully you don't mind being in the car seat. It would be rough if you cried every time we went somewhere. 
love this picture!

heading out for a walk

Here are a couple "firsts" that happened this month....
first trip to the dr! no shots, but that heel prick thing, ugh!!
 first bath!!
not so thrilled about this whole "bath" thing.

Big sister trying to help out/get in the tub too

"I may have just peed in the water. You're welcome"
Charlotte's first bath..............Norah's first bath

Another "first"....Mommy got mastitis this month! I never got it when I was nursing Charlotte (she ate constantly), but you are more of a snacker and I think that may have contributed (boob not being drained. TMI) It was a rough couple of days, mostly because of the fever, but with the help of Daddy and Nana we all made it through. I hope to never have that again. Awful! So eat up missy!

And here are some cute pictures of you during your first month....
chilling in the swing

snuggles with Daddy

morning cuddles photo session

it's exhausting being a little sister!!

getting those toes cleaned by H

sharing sister secrets

learning all about baby Einstein from C

Charlotte just loves being your big sister. She always wants to hold you and hug you and kiss you. And sometimes even lick you. haha. I am glad that so far there isn't a whole lot of jealousy or anger, just love. You are absolutely fascinated by her. You tolerate all her up close, in your face, invasions. And now that you can focus your eyes more you watch her like a hawk. Learning and picking up on stuff already I'm sure. I hope you girls will be the best of friends, forever. 

both girls at one month old!!  

We are so in love with you sweet girl! You complete our little family (girl power!). We feel blessed to be your parents. Thanks for being such a good baby and please don't grow up too soon! We love you!

Mommy & Daddy

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