Thursday, August 27, 2015

Norah's Newborn Photos

I am sure all of you remember the fiasco that was Charlotte's newborn photos. A photographer that wasn't experienced with newborns, tears tears and more tears (mostly from C). It was a nightmare, but we did manage to get a few good photos. They weren't the ones I wanted (posed newborn) they were more lifestyle. Over time they grew on me. After that experience I knew what I wanted for Norah's newborn photos: the posed newborn pictures, and hopefully some of the girls together. I looked for photographers for a while and eventually chose one my best friend Meredith and SIL Jen used, LCE Photography. She was far from us (less than ideal) but had good prices and I knew she did good work. So when Norah was a week old we stayed the night at Jim & Jen's the night before and then drove out to Laurie's house for the photo shoot. After 4 hours, and thankfully no tears, we had our pictures.....

The ones of Matt in his uniform with Norah always make me tear up. So glad we did these.

I am beyond thrilled with all the photos except the family ones. I should have planned our outfits better. The girls look great but I hate the black shirts on Matt and I. When the images are in black and white I like them more but I'm not in love with them like the others. A bummer for sure, but it just means we need to get some good family photos done at some point in the future. 

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