Tuesday, September 29, 2015

a little bit of the west out east

One of the big perks about having another baby: people come to visit you and stay for a long time! They say they are coming to see the baby but I know it's to see me. Ok, probably Charlotte and Harley. And of course Norah. Ok I am probably the least popular of the group. I mean babies are cute and all but they sure don't do much. Sleep, eat, poop, repeat. Not very entertaining am I right?! And the other two, they can keep you very busy. Miss C is always into something. And Harley is constantly wanting to be petted! Extremely demanding that fella. Me, I just sit there and look pretty. 

Overall I would say we are an entertaining bunch. And we love it when people come to visit us! Especially if they offer to entertain my children and cook. Bonus! Since Norah's birth we have had two west coast visitors. Nana came out in August and spent two whole weeks with us! In between playing cars with Charlotte (but only certain cars, C always kept the good ones for herself) and petting Harley she helped to keep us all fed. There were also lots of baby Norah snuggles and many trips out of the house. It was a fun two weeks that flew by!

Nana and the girls
 we spent lots of time outside enjoying the hot weather
too. hot. to. move.

Mommy get off you're too heavy

we took a trip to the mall where C got to build-a-bear for her birthday! 
welcome to the family Pinky!!
 And OF COURSE we took a trip (or two?) to National Harbor where we tried out the Bounce House place. It took a little coaxing and Nana had to get in too, but eventually Charlotte tried it out and had a blast! 

C took Nana on a few carousal rides too.

One of my favorite days: attempting to fly C's kite....
watch out for the poo Ma!!

It took quite a few tries and lots of running down the street but we finally got it up and going. Then almost lost it for good in a tree. I somehow managed to finagle it out, a miracle! It was so much fun! We also drew chalk cities and played cars and hopscotch. 

chilling out together 

In September (Great) Aunt Kathy came out for a week to see us! (You see how I added that GREAT in there for ya Aunt Kathy?! Ha!! Love you) It was her first trip to the DC area since we got married, and obviously the first time to our new house. We loved having her! She was a big help in the kitchen and with the kiddos. She taught Charlotte a good little saying: BIG eyes, BIG ears, small mouth. It helps (sometimes) when C is yelling or not listening to us. Thanks Auntie Kathy. 

I tried not to keep her locked up in the house the entire time she was here, so we took a few little adventures....
day trip to Chesapeake Beach. So much hotter than we thought!! 
 we had lunch with a view and then strolled the pier and beach...
Captain Charlotte, watch out!!


Of course we went to the Marine Museum. Charlotte spent a lot of time playing with the Lego's and building towers. 
don't anybody get any ideas....I do not want these in my house (yet)!!

I prefer these sized Lego's. They still hurt when you step on them but these are much easier to find and keep in one place. 
Princess Charlotte and her tower

I'm so loved its exhausting 

Before dropping Aunt Kathy off at the airport we (of course!) hit up National Harbor. Bounce House again?! Sure why not! No carousal this time, but we did enjoy some delicious ice cream. mmm
Daddy got in this time....look how high he is jumping!!

beautiful day. beautiful family

see Norah and I were there too!!

It is always sad to say goodbye to family when they leave. Thank you both for coming to visit us! We loved having you and wish we lived closer so we could hang out more. I know Charlotte sure loved having the extra playmates :) But really, Harley is the one who misses you the most. Poor first born is starved....starved I tell you!....for attention and love.

Good news H, Grandma is coming to visit in just a few days!! Maybe she will bring some of that Florida rain with her too. I know Daddy would sure like it!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

3 years....Oh My!!


Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet girl!! Where oh where has the time gone? My itty bitty baby is now my big girl. Full of life. Curious. Adventurous. Expressive. Smart. Beautiful. Loving. Complete with a little bit of attitude. (Apparently very typical for a 3 year old). You have grown and changed so much in the last year. You now weigh 36lbs and are 38" tall. You are starting to wear 4T clothes now, and we just purchased size 9 shoes for you. And boy has your speech and vocabulary blossomed! Last year you could barley speak a complete sentence and now it is non stop talk talk talk. And some of the things you come up with, hilarious! Mommy and Daddy have had to clean up their language a bit since you are a little parrot, repeating everything you hear. Even 'Oh my God' doesn't sound appropriate coming out of the mouth of a child. Haha oops. Despite our parenting mishaps, you have grown into a wonderful little girl and we could not be more proud of you. 

last year and today

showing me you are now 3!!

This past year has been a fun one; settling in to our new house and discovering our new neighborhood, taking a few trips, and of course becoming a family of four. I would say welcoming Norah into our family has been the biggest and most exciting change over the last year. You are a great big sister, always wanting to hold and kiss Norah. You already can't wait for her to be big enough to play with. 

family of four! and harley!!

one of my favorites of you girls

holding baby sister

You also got a cousin...Jack!! 
back when he was just itty bitty

One of your biggest accomplishments this past year: potty training! You are officially day time and nap time potty trained. You still wear a diaper at night, which I am sure will continue for a while, but you are 100% diaper free during the day which is awesome!
doing a little light reading on the potty

You also got a bed upgrade: no more crib, just a big girl bed now! You love it! Unfortunately, not enough to nap in. Just like I predicted, right before Norah was born you started to try and drop your nap. Not ideal. I was really hoping to get both of you girls to nap at the same time every day. l know now that I was dreaming. So instead of nap time we try for a "quiet time". You get to stay in your room and play or sleep for an hour or so, and hopefully Mommy can get a few things done. 
relaxing in bed with Harley

A few other firsts this year: first hair cut!
at home hair cuts take practice, we promise to do better next time haha

First trip to the dentist! You have now seen the dentist twice and passed with flying colors both times. You got to take your picture with the bird, Flossy, too. 

when did you grow up?!

First movie!
Inside Out!

We went on a few fun trips this year. To Hawaii and California (you have now been to 18 states):

in California with your cousins

And the Outer Banks of North Carolina. 

silly girl

These are a few of your favorite things....

TV: Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Bubble Guppies. 
Movies: All cartoons. The last one you watched was 101 Dalmatians. 
Food: You still love the Pumpkin Cranberry Apple packs, as well as any sort of sweet treat: cake, ice cream, etc. Somewhere along the way we managed to give you a sweet tooth. But in general you aren't too picky when it comes to food. You will eat almost any fruit, meat, and some veggies. It could be worse. 
delicious watermelon

Best Stuffed Friends: Hippo, Giraffe, and Sea Otter
got all your friends lined up!

Best Real Friends: Teagan, Bryce, cousin Jack, and of course Mommy, Daddy and Norah.
hugs for Teagan
enjoying snacks on your birthday park date

Best Furry Friend: Harley (of course)

Favorite activity: Gymnastics and Swimming. Music and Dancing. 

Favorite toy: playing kitchen, babies, DR, building blocks, and of course dancing. You got a microphone this year so I am sure there are plenty of dance parties in our future!
and dress up!!
I have a video of you singing with your new mic but it wouldn't upload. bummer!

Here are some other fun pictures from the year........
silly girl picking out our Christmas tree

NOT thrilled about meeting Santa

helping shovel snow!

gonna have a sister!!

too cool for Easter

FROZEN on ice!!

silly hat day

the circus!!

silly girl day :)
 haha pretty sure this is one of my favorite pictures from the year...the time you tried out ALL the lipstick samples at Ulta. You said you liked every color. Love it :)

To celebrate your 3rd birthday we decided to book something away from the house: no set up, no clean up, just fun. We chose MyGym, a children's place with all sorts of gymnastics type stuff to do. Unfortunately I waited too long to figure it out so we had to book something on labor day weekend (less than ideal). Even though not a lot of people were able to go it was so much fun! I am pretty sure the adults had as much fun as the kids. And a surprise guest showed up: Olaf!! You were thrilled and had a great time dancing with him. It was an awesome birthday party. Thanks to everyone who came!!

the one thing you wouldn't do. Bryce sure loved it!

weee! we are all kids at heart

Uncle Jim looks more excited for Olaf than you! haha


dancing with Olaf!

you girls loved him!

Norah joined in on the fun too!

Sofia and Charlotte cake!

happy 3rd birthday!!
opening presents at home

your first barbie!

It has been incredible watching you grow and change over the past three years. I am still amazed every single day that while you are your own unique person, you are half Mom and half Dad. You grew in my belly for 9 months, wow. Being your Mommy is one of my greatest joys in life. I love being able to spend every single day with you, I wouldn't trade it for the world. You are an extraordinary little girl. You have brought so much joy and laughter into our lives (more than we ever thought possible). You are perfect, exactly as you are. We love you more than you will ever know. Forever and ever.

Goodbye TWO.....Hello THREE!!!
watch out, here I come!
my beautiful girl. not so little anymore

Happy 3rd Birthday Charlotte!

Mommy & Daddy