Thursday, September 3, 2015

Adventures of Mommy & C

......(and sometimes Daddy)

As soon as we found out we were pregnant with baby #2 I made it my goal to try and do as many activities with Charlotte before she arrived. I knew we would be spending a lot more time at home after baby was born, and when we did go places Charlotte would get a lot less one on one time with Mommy. An activity a week, even something as simple as gymnastics class, was my goal. I'm not sure I was 100% successful on that front, but we did do quite a few fun activities together over the past few months. Daddy even got to tag along to a few too! 

We had a few "big trips"......first up: Baltimore Aquarium. It was really awesome. A close second to Monterey's Aquarium, mostly because the "kids" area was lacking at Baltimore. The dolphin show they had was pretty cool, reminded me of Sea World. And we got to touch moon jellies!
we made it!

all smiles at the entrance

playing with the turtle


my fav area!

playing puppet show

In July we took a weekend trip to Annapolis. We got to tour the Naval Academy, eat some good food, and take Charlotte to her very first movie!

the mess hall


at her first movie "Inside Out"!

One of my favorite outings was to the Air and Space Museum. We took the metro, which C loved, into the city spent a few hours at the museum. It was so much fun. Watching the show at the planetarium was my favorite, and Charlotte's too! She was so excited she yelled "I love stars! Oh look stars!!" the entire time. haha.
on the metro with giraffe

so tall!

we waited in line for 20 mins to fly this little plane

showing off her new airplane!

funny faces since someone didn't want to smile for a pic with Mama

We also took a family trip to see a Nationals game. Unfortunately it was on the hottest day of the year, so we didn't stay too long, but it was fun. We had great seats and enjoyed some melted ice cream on the hot day.
in a heat daze

trying to cool off in the mister

Some places we frequented a lot....The Marine Museum in Calvert. I was unimpressed with this place the first time, but Charlotte loves the kids area and it's cheap and fairly close to our house. An easy activity during the week. We have even gone once with Norah when Nana was visiting. 
the nifty lighthouse


pretty mermaid

sailor Charlotte

One of our favorites: the Chesapeake Beach water park 

riding the lazy river with Daddy

slide time!

National Harbor Carousel 

"smile for a picture with me?" NO......................"I will give you ice cream" CHEESE

playing in the sand at the park

enjoying the pool near our house

making lunch for Harley

riding the firetruck at the mall

just a little light shopping

The splash pad in Alexandria. Love this place, except for the crowds, which is unavoidable on a hot hot day.
best action shot ever

Overall I think we did quite a bit before Norah was born. It was a lot of fun and kept us busy while Daddy was at work. It was wonderful to create some fun memories with my big girl. She is growing up way too fast.

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