Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy 2 Months Norah

Miss Norah,

Happy two months sweet girl! Wow. Two Months. I know I say this every time, and prepare yourself, you will hear it again and again: time is flying! You are growing and chunking out before our eyes. You now weigh in at 11lbs 4oz and are 22.25 inches long. Growing like a weed!!

Harley the measuring stick

Your super awesome big milestone this month: SMILES!!

You love chilling out on the changing pad and no matter what your mood was before I lay you down, you are super happy once diaper change starts. It is the best time to try and get a smile out of you. 

Here is the first time I was able to capture a smile from you and Charlotte on camera....
Charlotte smiling                                                              Norah smiling
Looking very similar!

You are absolutely adorable and still a wonderful little baby. You are much more alert now. It is great to see a lot more of those big beautiful blue eyes. And they are so much more focused. You look around with intent, and at specific people. I love to sit you on my lap and just chat with you. You even talk back to me sometimes. Seriously the cutest thing in the world.   

big stretches!

talking to mama

While the awake times are much more frequent now, you still love nothing more than a good meal and a nice nap (preferably in the pack). The great thing about babies: they can nap anywhere. We can run errands or take Charlotte to gymnastics and I never have to worry about missing your nap, you just go with the flow. Sometimes all the in and out of the car makes you cranky, but nothing a little boobie can't fix.

snuggled up and napping with ET

big stretches post snack. So tough being loved this much!! 

Your sleep pattern hasn't changed too much, occasionally you give us a good 5 hour stretch at night, but you aren't consistent yet. And even if you give us one long stretch, it gets shorter and shorter after that because you don't eat enough in the middle of the night. You are just too sleepy to get your belly full enough. (plus you have always been a snacker) At some point we will probably have to work on that but at 2am I don't want to get up and force you. Mama wants sleep too! 

You are the cutest little football fan. Unfortunately even though you were all decked out last weekend, neither one of our teams won. Maybe this week (we can hope).

san diego super chargers! 
gooo niners!!

this game sucks, lets chill together instead
We also started using cloth diapers this month. I haven't fully committed but I need to. It's hard, the disposable diapers are just so convenient. You are a gassy baby but not a big pooper like Charlotte was, so with disposable you can go longer between changes since it is just pee. When we go to cloth I will have to change you much more since the moisture doesn't get pulled away. But the cost and the environment, etc.

disposable or cloth?! 
OHH the choices!!

Great Auntie Kathy came to visit us this month and stayed for a whole week! It was a lot of fun. So happy she was able to make it out to meet and spend time with you. 

group shot at national harbor

relaxing outside, enjoying the beautiful weather

relaxing inside with big sister

big sister taking pictures of you 
rocking the tutu 

and just a few more pictures 
sister selfie

soooo over the photo shoot!! Commence crunchy face

just a few more...

high five to cuteness!!

You are a wonderful baby and we all love you so much! While I would love to keep you little like this forever, big sister can't wait until you are big enough to play tea party with her. She makes you food and gives you toys all the time. You are a great sport and so fascinated with her. And when you start laughing, oh my, I can't wait for that! It is absolutely amazing watching you grow and learn and reach every one of these little milestones. But not too soon my love. Not too soon.

Happy two months!!

Mommy and Daddy

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