Saturday, October 31, 2015

happy 3 months Norah!

Oh Miss Norah, three months already?

On the one hand it seems like you have been a part of the family forever, and the other that you got here just yesterday. It is so amazing watching you grow and change every single day. You are a bit of a talker, chatting with me in your adorable baby goo goos. You are on the verge of laughing and I can't wait to hear it! You are such a little ham, smiling all the time, especially on the changing table (and finally at your sister). It took a while for you to warm up to her. You love to watch her from a distance, but can get annoyed when she invades your personal space. Perhaps you feel like your safety is being compromised? Or that you might go deaf? I mean who doesn't love having their named screamed at them an inch from their face?! Haha. She just loves you so much! She can't wait for you to be big enough to play with!

setting up your bed and playing "house" with you

Me...I like to snuggle with you as much as possible. Cuddling with my girls is one of my favorite things in the world. You won't be itty bitty for much longer so I better soak it all in! Right now you are sitting in the swing sleeping, and part of me wants to scoop you up into my arms and smoother you with kisses. But I am also grateful that you actually like the swing. Charlotte hated it, and it is rather nice to plop you in there while I eat or do a few things and you nap. While I love baby wearing, I can't possibly carry you around all the time. You are a growing little peanut!!

rocking the new dress Auntie Brandy got you!!

You now weigh in at 12.5lbs and are 23.5 inches long (my guess...we have a dr apt in a few weeks). Putting on some good weight for the winter. You are still wearing 3 months clothes but are quickly approaching the 6 months sizes. The torso still fits but your arms and legs are long! Some shirts are now a stylish 3/4 length. I am already getting sad when I think about having to pack up some of your clothes. :( Someone better have a girl so we can pass these adorable outfits on to them! And of course the bows!!

like my bow? it matches my sticker :)

This month Grandma Clute came to visit us and got to spend some great one on one time with you. You even had her reminiscing about your sister as an infant when you cried the entire time I was gone at Target. Other than that you were adorable per usual.
see?! Adorbs

You went on your first "vacation".....or was it a "stay-cation"? It was definitely your first trip in the trailer. You weren't a huge fan but you adapted well. You spent most of the time in the pack, one of your favorite spots. 

extremely concerned about this upcoming trip! haha!

being smothered with kisses!

 photo taken by big sister C

It was also your first Halloween. We went to the local pumpkin patch and attempted to pick out some pumpkins and get a family photo...

photo op attempted. failed.

a little better, at least everyone is looking at the camera this time.

much happier on the tractor ride
It was also a tad cold for us (just not used to it yet) so we didn't last very long. 

I dressed you in the same costume Charlotte wore, a giraffe. Yes you were mistaken for a boy more than a few times, but it's ok. You were adorable and warm. We had a girls day trick or treating at AnneMarie gardens. This was the first time you wore your Halloween costume...

baby bagraffe!! (as Charlotte would say)

hard work being a baby bagraffe

rocking the bow Auntie Brandy got you! SO cute!!

And we did a trunk or treat with Daddy's work. Look how cute you girls are!! Charlotte ballerina and Norah bagraffe.

attempted sister photo. Don't mind my hand haha.

haha there we go. winner!!

And finally, some other adorable photos of you during your 3rd month...

kisses from H. "H your breath!!!! GAHH!"

TV time with Dad

moving and a shaking
(you are laying on the beautiful blanket Grandma made you!!)

cuddles with sister. biiiiig stretch!

all smiles. love.

My favorite photo from this last month. My two girls, all smiles at gymnastics class. How lucky am I?! OMG this just makes my heart melt. Love you both!!

smiling at Daddy during our little photo shoot

over it. time to eat the sticker!

Check out this little comparison of me and Norah, prob about the same age. I might have a month or two on her....

Look at that head control Norah!

You are such a beautiful and sweet little baby. You are a good eater, a fairly good sleeper and just so snuggly! You are starting to enjoy laying on your flat mat and occasionally entertain a tummy time or two. And boy are you a drooling queen lately!! You must be teething or something. We might have to start using those adorable bibs that come with every outfit just to keep you dry. 
omg that face. and that bow!!

There are a lot of "firsts" lined up for next month. Hopefully that includes a giggle or two from you! It is so fun watching you reach each of these little milestones, but it goes way too fast. Way too fast. We love you so much Miss Norah! 

Mommy and Daddy

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