Wednesday, November 18, 2015

All things Fall

Ahh Fall. Finally you have arrived. Welcome. It is definitely our favorite time of the year. It isn't sweltering hot anymore and not yet cold enough to require heavy coats. The leaves are changing and there are still long beautiful days. And yet it flies by before I can really start to appreciate it. It reminds me of Monterey and that makes me a little home sick. Not that that is where I am from, but it is the most recent place we called home and gosh it sure was beautiful there. Thank you Navy for allowing us a wonderfully fabulous 18 months there.

But on to the goods....the fall recap. If I was more on top of my game I would have broken some of these posts out but alas life with two littles and all sorts of other excuses. blah blah blah. So you will just have to deal with a bit of a picture overload. We actually did some fun stuff over the past few weeks and it's all getting revisited right now. Enjoy my people. But you won't get to enjoy any Disney pictures yet, that is all going in to the next post. Suspense.

Charlotte started swim lessons in October. Finally!! Turning 3 meant all sorts of solo (aka without Mommy at her side) activities opened up. We want her pool ready for the summer so now is the time to start the lessons. And thank goodness too because girlfriend hates getting her face wet. And seeing as that is a requirement to pass level 1, we may hoover there for a while. As soon as I blink she will be jumping off the high dive so I better watch out!!

all ready for her first class!!

water in the face...tears to follow

happy happy now that she is swimming 

proud parents watching from the sidelines

Norah slept through most of it

post lesson smiles!!

Grandma Clute came to visit us in the beginning of October and I tried not to keep her locked away in the house the entire time. We dragged her along to the swim lessons, of course, and an afternoon out at AnneMarie gardens. It was my first time and an absolutely beautiful day! One of our last really warm "summer" days. I already miss shorts.

running in for a high five!

why hello miss C

enjoying the play area

especially loving the houses

bahahahaha. Feel like maybe I should submit this to George Takei.
I'm sure there is a funny caption to be had here.

passed out happy girl

trying out the bars at MyGym

I also insisted upon a few pictures of Grandma and the girls. It took a little work but we got a few good ones. Capturing this wonderful moment in time.


selfie with Grandma!! Love!!

One of our favorite fall activities is heading down the street to the local pumpkin patch to pick a few pumpkins, ride a few rides and enjoy the sunshine. We somehow picked one of the colder days, which was a bit of a bummer, but we made it work. We also attempted a family photo op....
tears for one and refusing the smile for the other. typical.

bad light but at least nobody is crying. typical.
 screw it. let's get our pumpkins and get outta here.
searching high and low

perhaps way over there is a good one
 this is a good one, Christmas card worthy?! who needs daddy! ;)
due to cost we just got two little ones for the girls. can we say rip off?!!
(I got some for mommy and daddy from the grocery store. cheaper. lol)

enjoying the slightly scary but fun hay ride. "you sure we are going to make it back ma?"

train ride is a must!

my beautiful girl


For Halloween this year I wanted to make sure C was able to trick or treat her heart out. So we went 3 times. First up was AnneMarie gardens. That was a lot of fun but boy was the line long! Norah slept most of the time (yay!) and Charlotte did really well waiting in line and listening to me. It was a fun girls day.
two princesses and a baby bagraffe

princess Charlotte (didn't want to wear her crown)


best costume. I'm buying it for Matt

Lego man

hey I can't see I'm too short

that's better!!

not creepy at all. 

mr. froggy

she made out like a bandit!

trick or treating is such hard work.

We also did a trunk or treat with Matt's work. It was dark out so here are the before pictures at home...
an old lady, ballerina and baby bagraffe. Rocking Grandma's Moo moo.

So apparently I didn't get the memo that adults weren't dressing up for this trunk or treat. And my lovely husband kinda figured nobody would and chose not to say anything to me. He didn't want to "crush my halloween spirit". Thanks babe.

ur beautiful ballerina

sister pic. Next year will be better when Norah can sit or stand on her own.
And finally we did some trick or treating around our neighborhood. It was a small crowd but still a lot of fun. Our neighbors did a great job decorating and the kids had a lot of fun! Charlotte went as a ballerina again, but I decided to spice it up and go as just "some bunny". Get it?! haha. Good times!

And finally, to close out this little (long) post, a few pictures of randomness. Clute's having a good ol time.
going for a walk/bike ride

 note: I have to carry the bike back every.single.time. Sometimes her on the end of the stroller too. lol.

my fav pic

splenda anyone?

Harley enjoying our first fire in the fireplace. Heaven.

swinging with bagraffe 
C made a bed for Harley and he crawled right in.

getting ready for winter!

making her Christmas wish list. All of it. I want all of it she says.
 Attempting to take the Jeep for a spin. I almost had to ride this back. lol. Still learning to steer properly. Harley feared for his life most of the walk. Good times. 

camping downstairs.

love this smiley picture of my girl

"hmmm how ridiculous is my Mom??? Let me count the ways."

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