Tuesday, December 1, 2015

happy 4 months Norah

Miss Norah,

Happy 4 months sweet girl!! I feel like so much has changed in the last month. You are (of course) growing like a weed and getting more and more adorable each and every day. 

You now weigh in at 13lbs 4oz and are 24" long. You have officially transitioned into size 2 diapers! And I feel like I am constantly adjusting your cloth ones. You are such a happy baby, always smiling and laughing. You still smile in your sleep which is the most adorable thing ever. It just warms my heart.

Your big milestone this month was laughing out loud! OMG it was the cutest thing ever!!! Mommy, Daddy and Charlotte were all there to witness it and we were even able to capture it on camera! 

And right after the video was taken we headed downstairs where you laughed again for Great Grandma. It was precious. Trying to get you to laugh is also pretty entertaining. The faces we make, the fake laughs, or peek a boo. Adults sure are silly!

giving big smiles for Daddy
look how big you are!!

I will say that around the three month mark you actually started to become a tad more difficult verses easier (we were expecting the same or easier). Because, no matter how many times I hear "all babies are different" I still imagine you will be a lot like Charlotte. Lesson learned. Sorta. I will probably assume this again at some other point. I apologize in advance. Right now you are much more demanding, always wanting to be held or entertained. If I put you down you will pacify yourself for a little bit but eventually start to squawk and want to be held. Although at this moment you are being a peach: napping on the boppy on my lap like a champ. Makes blogging and catching up on internet stuff much easier and with less mommy guilt.

this was a good day: you fell asleep after playing on your mat. #cutie 
trying to eat the sticker

A couple other "firsts" this month....

You celebrated your first Thanksgiving!! And your first Friendsgiving (ours too)!! We sure do love the holidays and are so excited you get to now be a part of all the fun! Family, food, and lots of festive fun! And next month is your first Christmas. OMG I just can't wait!! (I can't believe last year at this time I was pregnant with you).

family pic at Friendsgiving!



As covered in the previous blog post, you took your first flight....
chilling on Mama's lap

And went to Disney for the very first time! You slept through most of it but I would say that you had a good time. You were in the pack with Mama, your all time favorite spot.
I would have taken you out for this picture but I'm pretty sure you were already asleep.

meeting piglet!

watching the band

You are a decent traveller but much happier when we are at home. You prefer your normal routine, your swing, your room, etc. It is also just easier overall when we have all the things we need. We actually had to buy a swing while we were there because you were so fussy. Thankfully it worked like a charm.

You got to meet Great Grandma Dot this month....

And Grandpa!!!
I almost forgot you hadn't met Grandpa yet! 

And of course we can't forget Santa!!
I was thrilled that you didn't cry at all, basically sat there and did a cold stare the entire time, very similar to Charlotte when she met him the first time. But even if you had cried it would have been a funny, memorable moment. You two are just so cute!!

You went to Jack's first birthday party....you had a blast! Note: I am not in any hurry to have this party for you. Stay little while you can baby girl!
watching sister hit the piƱata 

Your grip is developing very well and you are now able to grab on to toys and bring them to your mouth to chew on. (sometimes Mommy's hair too) You actually enjoy spending time on your flat mat playing and talking to your keys and little flower. You are still drooling like a champ but have yet to get a tooth. Thank goodness too because I always get nervous about being bit! 
I see you keys!! Get in my mouth!!
tummy time!!
Some other adorable pictures of you this month....
selfie time with mama

Harley the measuring stick - blurry because someone was trying to escape!

sticker and color time with sister. lol

what are you looking at??

pretty sure you are the only one who gets these regularly....
kisses from Harley

one smiling, one not paying any attention at all. typical

mmm daddy's bicep. This left a hickey!!

one of my favorite pictures from this month...reading with my girls.

Happy 4 months baby girl!! You are a wonderful baby and we all love you so much! Daddy and I love having two little girls and Charlotte is thrilled to have a sister. You two are starting to interact a lot more and it is a joy to watch. While I look forward to all your future milestones, I am already getting sad that you aren't my itty bitty baby anymore. I promise to try and enjoy each and every minute with you, whether you are smiling happily or making sad crunchy face at me. 

We love you so much.

Mommy and Daddy

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