Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy 5 Months Norah!


Happy 5 months little miss! 

Where has the time gone?! You are growing and changing so much these days. Developing new skills before our eyes. I was watching videos of you during your first few weeks of life, wow. So itty bitty and squeaky! Not so itty bitty anymore. And still sorta squeaky, but not quite the same. I know if I look back on all your other monthly posts I will basically have said the exact same thing. But as any parent can agree, it flies by in a flash. Much more with the second. There is just never enough time in the day to soak up all the cuddles and kisses and playtimes with your kiddos.

my little ham

You now weigh in at 15lbs and are 24.5 inches long. Perfectly adorable in every way. I brought in Harley to give us a little comparison....

he was a super good sport and waited until I said ok before skedaddling  
Harley is the best big brother isn't he? Always give out kisses (extras for you) whenever you need them. And he only asks for a good whiff of your morning breath in return. Oh H.

And you are loving big sister Charlotte. You think she is just so funny!! She can do almost anything and you giggle. I see lots of good playtime in the future.

You are getting much better control over your hands, reaching and grabbing for things all the time. Toys, hair, whatever is right in front of you. And you have a good strong grip. Charlotte and I know first hand just how strong when trying to get back the handful of hair. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes you keep a little souvenir. It is nice to see you playing with more toys, bringing them to your mouth to nibble on, etc. It keeps you occupied and happy a lot more, especially in the car seat. 

And all that hand chewing and drooling has continued this month big time. I anticipate a tooth anytime now, probably by your next month blog post. Besides the drool you are handling it like a champ (thank goodness!).
don't mind me, just going to nibble on this sticker for a minute.
my shirt is wet? where?? how embarrassing. this never happens.

You have also discovered your toes this month. Every time I put you on your changing pad you immediately reach for those toesies with both hands. And sometimes even getting them into your mouth. I am (obviously) extremely jealous. I wish I was that flexible. I tried (just now) just to confirm that no, I can't get my toes in my mouth. Not even close.

I think by next month you will be sitting up. I am happy and sad about this. I like that I would be able to leave you to play with your toys, but sad because it means you are growing up. Becoming independent. Ready to move out. Did I just get ahead of myself there?! Well, you know what I'm saying. I tried to get some pictures of you sitting by yourself.....
leaning really far forward for balance.
 oh oh....timber!!!!
down she goes. have no fear all, I caught her.

I also noticed the other day that you have Daddy's ears...
Matt, you are the father

There were a few important "firsts" this month. First time you got to meet Auntie Sara and Grandma Rachel. They came out for a visit and stayed at our house for a few days. We had a lot of fun and they are already begging to come back and see you girls again!

groupie shot. Look at those foreheads. Norah is obv upset that she too will have a five head

It was also your very first Christmas. Christmas is our big holiday, and my favorite one. I love everything about it and was super excited to celebrate your first. We didn't go anywhere and we didn't have any visitors in town. It was a quiet holiday at home. We definitely missed everyone but had a great time with just us.
a pile of Clutes

Merry 1st Christmas Norah! 
opening a present. Very excited!!!

not too thrilled about that hat. ridiculously cute.
 first meeting with Santa!! 
no tears!

It was also the first time I made you and Charlotte twinnies in your matching jammies.
I should really do this more often.'s cute 2.this is why having two girls is fun right?!

Some other fun photos from this month...
playing house with C, story time!

let's fist bump yo

Christmas Story flashback here
 you handled it much better than Charlotte...
poor C. Only 2 months old here

all snuggled up for ICE

relaxing at gymnastics

not in my face. ugh. sister.

ready for a deep sea adventure 

sister love. 
Harley what did you do?!
 one of my favorites this month. Me and my girls.

 enjoying a trip to the Natural History Museum
your heart sure does belong to Daddy.

It's so funny, every time I think about these monthly blog posts and start to write them I feel like there is not much to say. But then 50 pictures and a few hours later, bam. Guess a lot can happen in a month. 
loving my new bows!! thank you auntie Brandy!!

when it stops sticking to the shirt, go for the face. 5 Months y'all!!

You are a very happy baby, always smiling at everyone you see. And so expressive, especially at meal time. You get so excited, wiggling all around with a big smile on your face. Your personality is really starting to shine. You are a joy to have and we could not imagine our life without you in it. We are so blessed.

We love you so much little Norah!! 

Mommy & Daddy

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