Thursday, December 24, 2015

Holidays and Happenings

I absolutely love this time of year. The lights, the music, the food, the holiday spirit. It is usually accompanied by some chilly weather and maybe even snow. This year we have neither. It feels more like a California Christmas than an east coast one. Especially compared to last year when much of our area was covered in snow! So much for those snowy Santa footprints this year. Oh well, Charlotte probably wouldn't care anyways. She will be too busy oogling the toys I'm sure. 

Another great thing about the holiday season: a million events to go to! It seems like there is constantly something festive to do or see, a party to attend, etc. It all gets lumped into a one month time frame so you are busy busy trying to soak it all up before it becomes bland and boring January. We tried to get in as many of those experiences as possible. We need to make some memories!

Right after Thanksgiving we headed out to cut down our Christmas tree. We are actively discussing the purchase of a fake tree (eek!), so this could sadly be our last little adventure like this. Between the fact that most places bring in outside trees (you aren't actually cutting them down) and last year ours died immediately, the idea is being entertained. It's less than ideal but obviously much safer too. But this year we did find an adorable little place where we found the perfect "Cadillac" tree, Fraser Fir. We decided on it right away and Charlotte helped carry it to the car.

explaining the perfectness that is Mr Fir

off we go!

such a big helper
 Then it was picture time in the sleigh

the girls

daddy and his beauties

I decided that the next day would be perfect for visiting Santa. Thankfully football doesn't start until 1pm on the east coast so we had the entire morning to make our way there, get the picture, and have lunch. I honestly can't believe how well both girls did with Santa. No tears or issues at all. Score! 
Norah is a little concerned but Charlotte is thrilled!

discussing exactly what she wants for Christmas
 We also managed to decorate the house!!

and the tree!!

all done!! Perfect!!

ET phone home

baby's first christmas (thanks nana for the hat!)

night vision

We also attended a few parties...
making cookies for Daddy's work party aka eating the batter
 Proof that my house isn't always clean. Mid cookie making, post gym, emptying dishwasher madness.
note: norah isn't in that bouncer, it was up high bc C was trying to sit in it haha

beautiful girl at Daddy's party! 
working on some crafts

group shot at the Wolf's sweater party. I went with an ugly sweater skirt...and flip flops! :)

 We hosted all our neighbors again for a Holiday party. Of course I didn't take any pictures during, but here is a nice before shot...
food. craft table. it was so much fun! 

xmas cards (only a few of them!) and santa pics.

The day of our holiday party the firetruck came through the neighborhood. It was awesome! I absolutely love that they do this!! Of course all the noise woke Norah up. Dah. She then became my little buddy for the party.
HI Santa!!

so excited!! 

Last year we went to the ICE show at National Harbor and loved it. This year we went twice. haha. We had only planned on going once but then Rachel and Sara came into town for a visit, and we had heard about the snow and song display in the evenings and wanted to check that out before going to dinner nearby. It was so much fun! 

Our first trip was with the Alcocks. We met there and spent a few hours at the hotel and the Ice show. The girls got to ride the carousal and train too! And we even managed to make it back in time for football. Score!

all dressed and ready to go

the girls looking adorbs

Daddy got me

doing a little ice carving, no big deal 


loving the train ride

still sleeping

Round two with Sara and Rachel. Drinks beforehand at the bar :) Just trying to stay warm.
group shot with the selfie stick (where is Matt?!) 
bundled up for round 2

i look so silly with my Norah bump :)


in ice jail and totally happy about it
 her favorite part: slide time!!!
look at that smile on her face!!

weee!! Auntie Sara loving it too

lets go Daddy!!
 Rachel spent her last night in town at the Gaylord hotel (too early of a flight) and had a room in the atrium where we could experience the snow and music show every hour on the hour. It was really cool!! 
checking out the bed aka jumping on it. 

it's starting!!

C is too busy dancing to smile

me and my girls

And finally, Mr H, relaxing away on the boppy while snuggling his piggy. Ah the life.

There are still a few festive things I would like to do this year:

1. Zoo Lights - going to the National Zoo at night and enjoying the lights, merry go round, slides, etc. 

2. AnneMarie Gardens - They have a holiday light display you walk through at night. I meant to go last year and we never made it, would love to see it!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! We hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

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